Planned Parenthood Celebrates Valentine’s Day with… a Condom Dress?

Planned Parenthood's "Condom Dress"

Planned Parenthood never ceases to amaze.The abortion organization held "Ready or Hot", a Valentine's Day fundraiser, on  Thursday evening, February 6, in downtown Minneapolis.  Their goal was to raise money for "an excellent cause."This is how Planned Parenthood's website described the event, which was held at Aria, an event venue in Minneapolis' trendy Warehouse District: Ready or Hot: Fashion Meets Passion for Planned Parenthood is a celebration of love, reproductive health and f … [Read more...]

Together Again: Widower Who Sat by Wife’s Grave for 20 Years Has Now Died

Rocky 1

Julita Abalsamo had been married 55 years when she died in 1993 of complications following heart surgery.And for twelve years following her death, her devoted husband Rocky sat beside her grave in Boston's St. Joseph Cemetery every day.   Most days, he was there when it opened--and he stayed until the gates were closed at night.  He didn't eat or drink during his vigil--mostly, he said, out of respect, but also to be certain he didn't need the bathroom.  On special occasions, he would toast h … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood to Pay $2 Million for Death in Botched Second-Trimester Abortion

Tonya Reaves

A $2 million settlement has been reached in the death of a young woman who obtained a second-trimester abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic in downtown Chicago.  Besides Planned Parenthood, also included in the settlement agreement are Northwest Memorial Hospital and the Northwest Medical Faculty Foundation.Tonya Reaves was in the second trimester of pregnancy when she sought an abortion at Planned Parenthood's Loop Health Center, in downtown Chicago in 2012.  Late-term abortionist Mandy G … [Read more...]