Chagall’s Self-Portrait With a Clock: A Meditation on the Crucifixion

Chagall - Self-Portrait with a Clock In Front of Crucifixion - 1947

In 1947, modernist painter Marc Chagall painted a picture called Self-Portrait with a Clock.In it, the clock is centered at the top of the painting, like a blue bird in flight. The spread of its wings is reminiscent of the dove in Renaissance paintings of the Blessed Virgin. The hands are nearing three o'clock—the foreboding time of Christ's death upon the cross.Beneath the clock the artist leans, his cheek resting on the head of a donkey. Is this the sad-eyed donkey the one which once c … [Read more...]

When Pope John Paul II Visited Chicago

JPII in Holy Name Cathedral

In the fall of 1979, Pope John Paul II, the 264th successor to the Apostle Peter, visited the United States.  He was only the second pope to visit the U.S., and the first ever to visit the city of Chicago.  He had been to the Windy City once before, as a cardinal; but his visit as Pope assumed a great importance to Catholics in that city and around the world.In a whirlwind 37-hour trip on October 4-6, the Holy Father addressed 350 American bishops at Quigley Preparatory Seminary South, where … [Read more...]