Pope Francis: “Confession Is For the Courageous”

Confession to Christ

"The forgiveness of our sins is not something we can offer ourselves." That was Pope Francis' message to thousands of faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square for the General Audience on Wednesday, February 19. "...It is not the result of our efforts, but rather a gift from the Holy Spirit, which fills us from the wellspring of mercy and grace that surges endlessly from the open heart of Christ, crucified and risen again. … It reminds us that it is only by allowing ourselves to be reconciled th … [Read more...]

Who Is My Neighbor? Sometimes, It’s a Little Boy Without a Jacket

Little boy without a jacket

This out of Norway:A little boy sits shivering at a bus stop without a jacket.  How will people react?At first, it appears he's on his own; but then....This video will warm your heart.  … [Read more...]