LENT WITH LEGS: Let “Mercy in the City” Transform Your Lent With an Action Plan

How can you offer sacrifices during Lent?You can drop a 10-spot into the collection plate on Sunday morning, and walk away feeling smug.Or you can “feed the hungry” by sharing your tuna sandwich with a homeless man, “clothe the naked” by purging your closet of seldom worn clothing, and “give drink to the thirsty” by volunteering to offer cool bottled water to runners in New York City's Half-Marathon. *     *     *     *     * Kerry Weber , a Mercy Associate and managing editor of Americ … [Read more...]

Are You in Michigan? Are You Interested in Evangelization and Ecumenism?

Al Kresta

If you're in southeastern Michigan, and if you're interested in the New Evangelization or in better understanding the challenges and opportunities in Ecumenism, I've got news for you! First, a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the New Evangelization:My friend and former boss, Al Kresta, will speak on Thursday, March 6 on the topic of The New Evangelization:  Build the Church and Bless the Nation.  Al has taught that only by building the Church will we effect real change in the c … [Read more...]

British Priest Who Died During “the Troubles”: “I Am Only Doing God’s Will”

The paratroop brigade thought the world of him.  His friends described him as "gay, outgoing, generous and energetic."On February 22, 1972, Fr. Gerard Weston, chaplain with the Paratroop Regiment in Belfast, died along with six civilians when the Irish Republican Army detonated a car bomb at Aldershot, a town southwest of London.  It was the first major act of war against the British Army on English soil.The young priest had been ordained by Archbishop Heenan in 1960, and spent his first … [Read more...]