School District Removes Non-Christian Preference from Teacher Contracts

Teacher contract

The Ferndale School District, north of Detroit, has agreed to delete a clause in its teacher contract that gives employment preference to people "of the non-Christian faith."Michigan Capitol Confidential reported that the discriminatory clause, which apparently was inserted in the 1970s and which had been unenforced and unnoticed until this week, appeared on page 22 of the lengthy contract.  There is a nondiscrimination clause earlier in the contract.Regarding promotion to a vacant p … [Read more...]

Pope Francis Plants a “Virtual Olive Tree”

Pope Francis tweet

Plant a forest of peace:  That's the message that Pope Francis wanted to impart to the world's children on March 19, when he tapped the screen of a tablet and planted a "virtual olive tree."The Pontifical Academy of Sciences is promoting the initiative, which was originated by Scholas Occurrentes, the "Worldwide Network of Schools Getting Together."Director General of the Scholas Occurrentes Enrique Palmeyro told the international news agency ZENIT the history of the … [Read more...]