Pro-Abort Comedienne’s Disgusting Rant Against Hobby Lobby

Comedian pro abort

Leftist comedienne Laura Levites would like to castrate every male conservative Christian so that they have no "reproductive rights", and she offers to pay for the surgery for Hobby Lobby CEO David Green.No, that's not all.  She proclaims she'd like to purchase a saw from Home Depot to cut off Green’s male organ so she can “shove it up his a**.”Levites, an atheist who hates Christians and conservatives, called folks like us "scumbags" and asked, "Why can't Agent Orange be legal?" *     * … [Read more...]

Ron Rolheiser’s “Sacred Fire”: Nudging Us Toward a More Mature Discipleship

Sacred Fire 001

My first recollection of the writings of Fr. Ronald Rolheiser dates back many years, to his popular weekly column in our local Catholic newspaper. He's a good spiritual writer, engaging and prophetic; so when I was invited to review his newest book Sacred Fire:  A Vision for a Deeper Human and Christian Maturity for the Patheos Book Club, I embraced the opportunity.He doesn't disappoint. In Sacred Fire, Rolheiser draws the reader toward mature discipleship—relying for inspiration on cl … [Read more...]

Oops! Mr. President, the Vatican Is a Country!

White House press tag

The Gateway Pundit caught this diplomatic gaffe:CNN's senior international correspondent Ben Wedeman tweeted a picture of his credentials on Thursday morning.  The glitzy press tag issued for President Obama's multi-nation stop includes the flags of countries he's visited on this trip.... except for the Vatican.  Apparently, the folks in the White House Travel Department don't know much about the Catholic Church, and don't remember that the Vatican is not Rome.Vatican City-State is a co … [Read more...]