Bible That Traveled to the Moon Now Visits the Vatican

Microchip Bible

In February 1971, astronaut Edgar Mitchell traveled to the moon aboard Apollo 14, carrying with him a reminder of the Creator:  a tiny Bible.  I told the story of the "space bible" when it was up for auction two years ago (and I linked to some notable prayers from space).Now the microchip Bible will be among items displayed at the Vatican in a special exhibit called "Verbum Domini II:  God's Word Goes Out to the Nations."  The exhibit, which runs from April 2 through June 22, will feature art … [Read more...]

What Leads a Person to Become Catholic?


People enter the Catholic Church for many different reasons.Some fall in love with the liturgy, and come to understand that Jesus is fully present in the bread and the wine.Some are awed by the beauty of a historic church, then come to know the Catholics in the pews as warm and welcoming friends.Some are drawn by prayer, some by dogma, some by 2,000 years of history, and some are dragged in by a family member and only gradually come to experience true faith.I happened to read one … [Read more...]