Two Lucky Moms Can Win a Trip to Hollywood, Meet the Stars, Walk the Red Carpet!

Moms Night Out

I just came back from Hollywood, where I was privileged to see an advance screening of the new film Heaven Is For Real and meet members of the cast, the director, the producer, and the Burpo family whose real-life story is told on the big screen.If you watch this page in the coming days, I'll be sharing reflections and reports based on two days of interviews and opportunities.  Today, though, I want to mention this:YOU, TOO, CAN GO TO HOLLYWOOD, and attend the Red Carpet Premiere of a g … [Read more...]

How I Almost Fell For the Catholic Spin Re. That Cordoba Baptism

Yesterday I spent a lot of time working on an article regarding the baptism of the same-sex couple's baby, little Umma Blue, in the Cordoba cathedral.My working title was: Cordoba Archbishop Decries Media Distortion Re. Baptism of Lesbians' Baby I was going to tell you about how the media has misrepresented the story, making it seem as though the Church is abandoning its constant teaching and really “getting with the times.” I wrote about the archbishop's correction of several “factual err … [Read more...]