Traditional Latin Mass Finds Support Among Young Priests

Traditional Mass

Liturgy is a contentious topic.Often, traditionalists feel strongly that their preferred form of liturgy (the Extraordinary Form) is superior.  Those with a more modern bent are convinced the Novus Ordo is an improvement, and decry the idea of "going backwards" to the pre-Vatican liturgy.I happened recently to see a comment posted by Sherry Weddell, founder of the Called and Gifted Workshops and author of several popular books including Forming Intentional Disciples and The Catholic … [Read more...]

Italian Newspaper Falls for Vatican’s April Fool’s Prank

Doves released by children

After a shocking incident in January in which Pope Francis released two white doves, only to see them killed by a crow and a seagull, the Swiss Guard has taken action to ensure that none of the Pope's "peace doves" meet a similar fate in the future.A bird of prey named "Sylvia" has been specially trained in northern Italy to protect the Pope's doves. APRIL FOOL! *     *     *     *     * This part of the story is true:  Two doves were killed in a brutal mid-air attack on January 26, after … [Read more...]

Learning from the Master: C.S. Lewis on Apologetics


For countless readers who have crossed the line from unbelief to embrace the Commandments and the Bible and the Beatitudes and all the lessons which Christ taught, their journey has been guided by the writings of C.S. Lewis.  In Mere Christianity, his most popular apologetics work, Lewis leads his readers along the path of sound reason, helping the reader to discern why *A* is true and *B* is not.  At the end, the preposterous idea that we were created by a loving God, and that He sent His So … [Read more...]