Just Released: Pope Francis’ First Collection of Writings

Pope Francis new book 001

Hot off the press:  The first narrative of the papacy of Pope Francis, The Church of Mercy.Loyola Press released this first collection of Pope Francis's writings on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014.  Arranged thematically, the book includes homilies, speeches and essays by the Holy Father which together define the recurrent themes of his first year as pope.  You'll recognize the ten topic areas which are covered in one handy softcover text:The Good News of Christ A Poor Church for the Po … [Read more...]

One Man’s Amazing Journey Toward the Catholic Faith

Catholic By Choice 001

Richard Cole was not much of a believer:  By his own admission, he didn't pray, he didn't worship.  He was in recovery following years of alcohol abuse.  Raised Methodist, he had fled the church of his youth to dabble in Zen, t'ai chi, New Age, witchcraft.But then for his 49th birthday, his wife gave him the gift of silence:  a three-day stay at a Benedictine monastery, where he could read, study, write and simply "de-stress."Why Richard's wife thought that would be a suitable gift for a … [Read more...]