Why Don’t Modern Parents Name Their Little Girls ‘Mary’?

Names - Mary - ranking

Have you noticed that there aren't many little girls around these days named Mary?I was reading an interesting analysis of "favorite girls' names" and couldn't help but notice just how subject to fad and fashion children's names really are.But don't take my word for it!   Here, an analysis of the most popular girls' names since 1960, courtesy of Twenty-two Words:So in 1960, and probably for many years before that, "Mary" was the most popular name given by parents to their infant d … [Read more...]

Prayer Need: Detroit-Area Priest Indicted on Theft Charges

Fr. Edward Belczak

A five-count indictment was issued today by U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade’s office in the theft investigation of Rev. Edward Belczak, former pastor of St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Troy, Michigan.Father Belczak and his parish administrator, Janice Verschuren, have been accused of stealing nearly $700,000 from parish funds, then using the money to purchase a luxury condominium in Palm Beach, Florida, and other items.  If found guilty of the charges, which include mail fraud, wire fraud an … [Read more...]