Padre Pio, Bernard of Clairvaux, and the Shoulder Wound of Christ

What do medieval mystic St. Bernard of Clairvaux and modern monk St. Padre Pio have in common?Well, they're both saints, sharing in the eternal reward which God has prepared for them.But beyond that, both had a sincere devotion to the Shoulder Wound of Christ. *     *     *     *     * SAINT BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX, the French abbott and mystic who helped to renew the Cistercian Order in the twelfth century, related in the Annals of Clairvaux a conversation he'd had with Our Lord.  He pray … [Read more...]

Governor Rick Perry Goes Down to the River, Gets Baptized

Last month, Texas Governor Rick Perry took a dip in the Little Rocky Creek near Independence, Texas.  The governor was quietly baptized in a ceremony open to his close friends and family.  Pastor Mac Richard of Lake Hills Church in Austin, Texas, presided over the re-dedication.Perry "reaffirmed his commitment" to his Christian faith in the same waters where Texas's famed governor Sam Houston was baptized back in 1854.  Houston, who had a sense of humor, is reported to have quipped that he wa … [Read more...]

Would God Tell You to Just Shut Up?

One day up in heaven, people were praying and praising and singing and having a good ol' time.And John Smith, who had just died and arrived at the Pearly Gates, spotted his wife Mary, who'd been waiting for him all these years.  "Honey!" he exclaimed.  "How I've missed you!  How great to see you again!"At the same time Jeanette Evans, overwhelmed by the radiant beauty of the golden path and the delicious aroma of the heavenly flowers, exclaimed loudly to her friend Rosa, "Oh, look at the … [Read more...]