Joan of Arc on Trial Again–This Time Not for Heresy, But for Homophobia

Joan of Arc was a courageous young Frenchwoman who lived in the fifteenth century--a hero in her native France, and a Roman Catholic saint.Nicknamed the "Maid of Orleans," Joan claimed to receive visions of St. Michael the Archangel, Saint Margaret of Antioch and Saint Catherine of Alexandria, instructing her to support France's King Charles VII and recover France from English domination in the Hundred Years' War.Joan was captured, put on trial for a number of charges including heresy, … [Read more...]

Three Saints, Three Stories, Three Lessons Learned

Elizabeth Ficocellis book 001

I have just finished reading Elizabeth Ficocelli's story of the lives of Therese, Faustina and Bernadette; and I have to thank Elizabeth when I see her--for I am somehow changed for having had the opportunity to learn at the feet of these great women of God.I had read two of their stories in my youth:  Therese and Bernadette lived in the 19th century, and their stories had been written more than once; so they became favorite and familiar saints from my own childhood.  Faustina, while not my c … [Read more...]

LCWR Responds After Tense Meeting With CDF’s Cardinal Gerhard Müller

On May 8, the Leadership Council of Women Religious (LCWR) issued a statement on their April 30 meeting with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.The statement is significant in that it's a hopeful sign that the organization has heard the concerns expressed by Rome and may, in fact, be ready to listen--valuing its canonical status which has been conferred by the Holy See more than it values its autonomy.Because it's so important a document, I'm permitting the Sisters to … [Read more...]