IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: Sculpture Depicts Reliance; Citizens See Porn

The Orgy Statue

LOOK CLOSELY AT THIS STATUE.   What do you see?To some citizens in the small town of Adrian, Michigan, this is an orgy.Apparently, though, that's not what the artist intended.  "Blue Human Condition" by artist Mark Chatterley is, in the artist's words, a depiction of our reliance upon one another.  Chatterley told the Huffington Post, "living today, we can't do it alone -- we rely on other people… to try to survive."   Chatterley has worked for about ten years with the Midwest Scul … [Read more...]

Collin Raye: A Voice (and a Faith) Undefeated

Collin Raye - book jacket 001

Collin Raye is a man of immense talent:  a country singer with 24 top ten records and sixteen #1 hits.  He's been nominated ten times for Male Vocalist of the Year (5 CMA and 5 ACM).But it's not Collin's fame or fortune, not his successful music career or his business acumen which have shaped him into the man of God he is today.I knew this the first time I heard him tell his story, when I attended Ave Maria Radio's 15th anniversary concert with Collin Raye.  A few years later, I met u … [Read more...]