The Amazing Rock-Cut Churches of Lalibela

Ethiopia - Mass - underground church

Recently I came upon this photo of worshippers gathered for Mass in Ethiopia:"WHAT?" I thought. "Where is this?!"And so began my research into the fantastic rock-cut underground churches in Lalibela.In the twelfth century, King Lalibela, a member of the Zagwe dynasty which had seized the throne of Ethiopia around 1000 A.D., sought support from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.  To garner support, he commissioned a series of twelve extraordinary churches in the small town of Roha … [Read more...]

African and Other Leaders Meet in Paris, Declare War on Boko Haram

French President Hollande with leaders from African nations at the conclusion of the Security Summit in Paris

French President François Hollande took the lead against terrorism Saturday, May 17 in Paris, bringing together five African heads of state to adopt a regional action plan to fight against the Nigerian armed Islamist group Boko Haram.In a joint press conference, Cameroonian President Paul Biya said, "We are here to declare war on Boko Haram."Recognizing that Boko Haram has become a major threat in Africa, the Summit participants announced a plan which includes "intelligence coordination, … [Read more...]

The Heartthrob and the Pope: Antonio Banderas to Play Role of Pope Francis

Antonio Banderas

News out of Spain, courtesy of Religion News Service:A new feature film on the life of Pope Francis is being planned.  The $12 million biopic "Call Me Francesco" will be filmed in Spanish, and will be directed by Italian director Daniele Luchetti, who has made some of Italy's highest-grossing movies.  The movie will be filmed in various locations including Italy and Argentina.And one name being considered for the title role is sexy Spanish superstar Antonio Banderas.Religion News … [Read more...]