Is AZ High School Wrong to Honor Single Mothers?

When a young girl becomes pregnant, you want to help her to deliver a healthy baby.  You want to provide options:  adoption, or raising the child with assistance.You want her to feel love and acceptance, not shame, for having made a difficult decision--for choosing Life.  But....Do you want to celebrate the pregnancy, potentially encouraging other young girls to engage in premarital sexual activity?  Does public acceptance serve to glamorize a life-changing mistake? *     *     *     *   … [Read more...]

Take An Armchair Pilgrimage to the Holy Land With Fr. Mitch Pacwa

The Holy Land

Jesus, Mary and the apostles did not live in never-never land or some amusement park.  Rather, they walked the streets of Jerusalem, of which some portions are now excavated.  They passed the same hills, drank from the wells, ate the fish and bread, drank the local wine, and followed the rhythms of the seasons, harvests, and religious feasts that pilgrims can still observe in the land.That's what Fr. Mitch Pacwa hopes people realize when they read his newest book, The Holy Land: An Armchair P … [Read more...]