FINALLY! Facebook Pulls the Plug on Anti-Christian Hate Group

Facebook - broken

Finally, Facebook has reversed its policy and barred the aggressively anti-Christian group "Virgin Mary Should've Aborted."After a determined effort by Carey Bogue, CEO of the pro-life organization Project Wildfire, Facebook finally removed the offensive page on Friday evening.Bogue pointed out, “This is not a First Amendment issue but rather an issue of FB’s own standards regarding Hate Speech. According to Facebook standards, ‘we do not permit individuals or groups to attack others bas … [Read more...]

ANOTHER FIRE in a Jerusalem Church on the Heels of Pope’s Visit

Church of the Dormition

And this one appears to be vandalism.A man set fire to a prayer book in Dormition Abbey, the church which marks what is said to be the final resting place of Mary.Pope Francis had, according to reports, just finished celebrating Mass at the Cenacle, the Upper Room where Jesus is believed to have celebrated the Last Supper.  A man who is described by Israeli police as "non-Jewish" in appearance, and who was not wearing a skull cap, is suspected of intentionally setting the … [Read more...]

OH NO! Hours After Pope Francis Departs, Church of the Nativity Is Damaged by Fire

Pope Francis visits the Church of the Nativity on May 25, 2014

A fire broke out early Tuesday in the Church of the Nativity, on the traditional site of Jesus' birth.Pope Francis visited the Bethlehem church on May 25.  The pope had left the Holy Land only hours before the fire was discovered at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday by a security guard who smelled smoke.Apparently, the fire was accidental--starting when an oil lamp fell over, damaging some fabric wall hangings insid the Grotto of the Nativity itself.  The Lebanon Daily Star reports Bethlehem Governor Ab … [Read more...]