Elmore Leonard Is Dead; Soon We Will Be, Too

Elmore Leonard

A few weeks ago, I and a crowd of fans, shoppers and curious onlookers spent a chilly Sunday afternoon touring Elmore Leonard's house-- browsing his bookshelves, checking out worn holiday decorations in the basement and rusty hand tools in the garage, fingering a favorite coffee mug.Elmore "Dutch" Leonard died in August 2013 at the age of 87, following a stroke.  In March 2014, his heirs brought in a management company to hold an Estate Sale, parting with the trinkets and trivets the … [Read more...]

St. Ephrem, Harp of the Holy Spirit

St. Ephrem

On June 9, the Catholic Church celebrates the memorial of St. Ephrem, poet, teacher, orator and defender of the faith.St. Ephrem was a deacon, and was the only Syrian to be named a doctor of the Church.  He is patron of spiritual directors and spiritual leaders.As he neared the end of his life, the holy man wrote in The Testament of St. Ephrem, “Lay me not with sweet spices, For this honor avails me not, Nor yet use incense and perfumes, For the honor befits me not. Burn yet the i … [Read more...]

Saving St. Josaphat’s Steeple: An Update

St. Josaphat steeple 2

Last November, I reported on the serious damage done to the iconic steeple at St. Josaphat Catholic Church during a heavy windstorm.At the time, with the steeple twisted and so many slate tiles missing, it was necessary to close the church and redirect parishioners to another church in the downtown Detroit cluster.Here's a peek at the work being done.  The campaign to save the steeple has brought in donations totaling more than $90,000; but more is needed.  Total repair costs will reach a … [Read more...]