Oldest Vatican Film, Dated 1896, Features Pope Leo XIII in the Rose Garden

Pope Leo XIII 3

In 1896, Pope Leo XIII became the first pope ever to be captured on film.Clearly, His Holiness did not understand the film industry.  You can see him respond to an off-screen reminder that this is not a still-life photo, but a real moving picture.   Back and forth, he waves his hand stiffly in the air--playing for the camera. *     *     *     *     * Some years ago, while serving as conference director for Legatus, I took our group of pilgrims to visit the offices of the Pontifical Council … [Read more...]

Fr. Walker, Young Priest Murdered in Phoenix, Teaches About Mercy and Justice

Fr Walker FSSP

"We have grown far too attached to our own knowledge, our technology, and our pleasures--such that we have forgotten God and what He has done for us."   Fr. Kenneth Walker, FSSPOn June 11, 29-year-old Father Kenneth Walker, a priest of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter  (FSSP), was killed in what is believed to be a burglary.  Father Joseph Terra, 56, who was with Father Walker at the rectory of the FSSP's Mater Misericordia Mission, was also shot and remains hospitalized.One to … [Read more...]

Triskaidekaphobians, Take Cover! It’s Friday the Thirteenth!

Friday the thirteenth

Check your wall calendar!  (Oh, all right—Check your cell phone, or your wristwatch, or your computer monitor.)  It’s Friday the 13th!It’s a day which can strike terror into the hearts of superstitious people everywhere!  Triskaidekaphobians—people who are afraid of the number 13—somehow believe that numbers have meaning, that 13 is a particularly unlucky number which, when paired with the unlucky day of Friday, may bring bad fortune.A subset of those fearful people is the Paraskavedek … [Read more...]