My Interview With Kevin Knight, Humble King of the Catholic Blogosphere

Kevin Knight

I first met Kevin Knight a few years ago, when he and I were both attending a conference of the Catholic Marketing Network.  I think we were in Chicago, but Kevin may step in to correct that--we met in some hotel lobby, then spent a little time chatting in the bar. A few years later, we met again--this time in Baltimore for the Bishops and Bloggers Meeting, hosted by USCCB in conjunction with their General Assembly.  (Check out that photo, below.) *     *     *     *     * Anyway, Kevin told m … [Read more...]

“Thanks For Sharing Your First Draft”: I’m Still Laughing Over Walmart’s Snarky Response to the NY Times

Last week I wrote about the minimum wage--looking at a comparison drawn by Bloomberg between Walmart and Costco, suggesting that Walmart ought to adopt Costco's business model and pay its employees a living wage.  In "The Bishops' Love Affair With Raising the Minimum Wage", I was critical of what I considered well-intentioned but ill-founded solutions proposed for elevating people from poverty by enforcing a higher minimum wage.The quick-fix solution proposed by Obama would, I said, lead to … [Read more...]

Why UC-Davis’ New Study of Free Will Is Horse Patootie

Free will, scientists at UC-Davis claim, may be nothing more than the result of background noise in the brain.  A study published in April in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience purports to show that humans' decisions can be predicted based on patterns of brain activity in the minutes before the choice is placed before them.According to The Independent, The brain has a normal level of so-called background noise; the researchers found that the pattern of activity in the brain in the … [Read more...]