What Part of “Keep Holy the Lord’s Day” Don’t You Understand?

 Ah, Summertime!Time to kick back, forget to set the alarm clock, enjoy a leisurely breakfast over the morning paper.... BUT WAIT!  The clock is ticking.... and if you don't hurry, you'll NEVER make it to Mass on time!What, you can pray as well out in nature, you say?  Blah, blah.... But here's the thing:God told us, in the Third Commandment, to "Keep Holy the Lord's Day."  That's "holy" as in "pray."  Devote that one day each week to Go … [Read more...]

Remember Those Nude FEMEN Protesters? French Court Imposes €1,500 Fine

You remember the lovely ladies from FEMEN, don't you?  They're the unseemly Ukraine-based feminists who consider it their personal mission to strip naked in demand of abortion.  They especially hate the Catholic Church for its defense of traditional morality and its opposition to abortion and same-sex "marriage."So at the 10:00 a.m. Mass in Germany's Cologne Cathedral on Christmas Day 2013, they staged a protest--desecrating the altar before being hauled off by the ushers and the p … [Read more...]