History Repeats Itself: Lepanto and the Current ISIS Crisis

The Muslims had a distinct advantage. They greatly outnumbered the Christians whom they oppressed. Their weapons were superior; their resolve was great; their willingness to kill anyone, even children, for their cause made them an unbeatable foe.Included in their army of determined Islamists were Christian slaves who had been forced to renounce their faith, and to join the Muslims in their assault on Christian townspeople.The Holy Father, realizing that the Muslims had a decided material … [Read more...]

In Cuba, Faith Comes Out of the Closet As Catholic Church Is Erected

For the first time since the Marxist revolution, a new Roman Catholic church is being erected in Cuba.The BBC reports: Its attitude to religion has softened since the fall of the Soviet Union, but this is the first Catholic church to be built for more than 50 years. The island nation has been communist since the overthrow of Fulgenico Batista in the Marxist revolution of 1959.  (From that time until 1992, Cuba's constitution said that the country was officially atheist.)  Revolutionaries u … [Read more...]