The Catechist’s Theme Song Is…

The Catechist’s Theme Song Is… July 21, 2020

I have two theme songs.  This first one sums up the Catholic faith quite nicely. It is a song you can teach your children and you can all sing along together as you sit around the dinner table conversing about the day.

The second theme song is written by my friend Jeff Wagner. Here he explains….

This song is based on Mark’s friend Marshall’s interesting and touching spiritual  conversion, an event that profoundly influenced Mark Wilson’s spiritual life.  The lyrics alone may seem strange, like our friend Mark Wilson, but the edgy  folk sounds of the song complete the lyrics, making it an enjoyable piece.

I hope all FOM’s enjoy it!

The Mark Song

by Jeffrey D. Wagner


Everybody dance, I said

Everybody dance

Even if you fall to the floor

At least you took a chance

I’m just a humble man

But at least I don’t pretend…To

Be someone I’m not

I just hope then fold my hands


You can’t take away how I feel right now

You cannot change how I feel

I know I might seem strange to you

But my love and faith…are for real


Mark my words and read my mind

I saw something in your eyes

Demons flew away from you

On that February night

My friend Dave Patten noticed a change

Even Costello stopped and praised

Marshall became a Christian that day

Yeah, Marshall became a Christian that day


Some say I’m lazy, crazy

And that I act like I’m 17

Others think I’m kind and cute

Others think that I’m just mean

I never meant to offend you

I’m just trying to spread the word

No I’m not some holy roller

I’m just trying to do some good

Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus


I had a dream

and this light beam was touchin’ my face

We were standing around this dinner table

Holding hands and saying grace

Then this voice popped into my head

It told me to let go

It released me from my fear of death

And my agonies and woes

Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus

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I say drop a mouse into a poem
and watch him probe his way out,
or walk inside the poem’s room
and feel the walls for a light switch.

Catholic Life

Living and Dying Between Mother’s Day – 4th of July 2020 JULY 03, 2020

I posted a video in a Catholic FB group of two people dancing. A white girl and young black boy. Some how it ended up being a conversation (before comments were deleted) about the occult. Sometimes people have a mindset that something sinister is lurking somewhere and as a duly noted representative  of God’s task force it is up to them to squash it and set others straight. If you always carry a hammer you see nails everywhere and you want to smash them. Some people need to loosen up their halos and relax a little. Were rational people and shouldn’t always be overacting to everything.   Why can’t we let something just be.  

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As I was contemplating something pithy  to say about contemplating the Beatific Vision in Heaven, My co-worker started yelling at me about something stupid. My next thoughts were ‘Your interrupting my contemplation about my next blog post.”  And then the short thought I was thinking about turned into something longer and more complex. I may or may not write it, but ideas and catechetical lessons abound if you have a well tuned mindset that looks for things and topics to write about.

What does contemplative mean? — flourish.

Current Events

Spiritual Covid-19 JUNE 03, 2020

Simple Coronavirus Prevention Advice JULY 07, 2020

People Agree. People Disagree. Some People are somewhere in the middle. I don’t have time to read everything that comes my way. I also don’t have the attention span to do so either. Having a hard time reading my book for the next Sci Fi Book Club. I have bought lots of books I can’t seem to read. I’m rambling. So anyway, I thought this meme I saw on someone’s page would be or could be a good conversation starter.


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I’m gonna say something very controversial. Dora was a much better movie then Rise of Skywalker and also I enjoyed it much more then The Irishman. I nominate Isabela Merced as best actress…

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Saint Francis de Sales says “A spoon full of honey gets more flies than a barrel full of vinegar.” The Bible says “Love is patient and kind” 1 Cor. 13: 4. I’ve noticed in many of these Catholic discussions I have online, that people tend to get  heated and sometimes nasty. Isn’t an important part of sharing Jesus and his church to do so in love and not in anger?  Isn’t being civil and polite part of sharing our faith? I guess I would call it the Theology of Civil Discussions. How can we all be better at this?

 � I know I already posted this, but I’m bumping it up again because it’s REEEEEAAALLLY important to let you know that my mama told me there’d be days like this. May you have a day like this today. Good Morning Gif Funny, That's My Mama, Funny Photos, Cute Pictures, Hug Gif, Funny Jokes, Hilarious, Baby Hug, Really Cute Puppies


The Catholic Bard’s Guide to Patheos Writers JUNE 27, 2020

Becoming a Patheos writer has anchored my mind to  specific focused writing. All day long as i scrape dishes, put dishes into the dish machine and take them out again, I am pondering, scheming, and constructing my next blog post. I thoughtfully structured what you are reading now as I made a Ham and Cheese Sandwich to deliver to a resident.

Ham & Cheese Sandwich Recipe and Nutrition - Eat This Much

 Satire and Humor

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People need a rocket launcher to defend a sandwich shop, cause you never know if a terrorist group is just going to show up hungry.

Several armed demonstrators protesting North Carolina's stay-at-home order visited a sandwich shop in Raleigh on Saturday, May 9, 2020, and were captured in photographs that went viral.


Kristin’s Writings

The Carmelite’s Poetry Is…

His Talents Shall Not Be Hidden Under A Bushel Basket


Let’s be honest,

Our style of writing is light years away

Don’t get me wrong Mark is a good writer

A very good writer in fact.


It’s not what I imagined the Catholic Bard to be

Reflections, prayers, poetry

While stuck in another state for nearly a month

Thanks to Covid 19

I began to see Mark’s vision

Overtake mine


He asked me to write about him as a writer

And this is what I came up with

He is dedicated to writing for the Catholic Bard

Thinks about it at work, reads, and writes in all his spare moments


So, while we see it different as a niche

He is more consumed with it than I imagined

I shall encourage him

And not let his talent be wasted on my original expectations

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