My “Orthodoxy & Catholicism” Read by Czech Bishops & Priests

My “Orthodoxy & Catholicism” Read by Czech Bishops & Priests June 16, 2011
Cover (555 x 838, 175K)

I received a letter from Bishop Ladislav Hučko: Bishop – Apostolic Exarch of the Greek-Catholic Church, in Prague (Byzantine Rite). He asked for permission to reprint up to 200 copies of my book, Orthodoxy and Catholicism: A Comparison [1st edition] (already translated into Czech) for his priests and fellow Czech bishops.

There are eight Bohemian bishops in the Czech Republic and five Moravian bishops. The country has eight dioceses and an Apostolic Exarchate. In the Archdiocese of Prague alone there are 378 parishes with 216 priests, serving 370,000 Catholics. It’s not clear exactly who will receive copies of my book, but it appears to be all priests and bishops.

This is extremely exciting news. I don’t receive one cent, but that is quite beside the point. I never began this apostolate with the motive to make a lot of money. I just need to pay my bills and support my family of six. God has always provided our needs, since I’ve been doing this full-time (beginning in December 2001). My goal and purpose is to spread the word of the gospel and of the fullness of faith to be found in the Catholic Church. Various of my books or papers have also been translated into Spanish, Portugese, French, and probably some other languages, too. Therefore, I was more than happy to grant permission, free of any charge or royalties.

All I asked Bishop Ladislav in return, was for his prayers for my apostolate, and the prayers of anyone receiving my book. God’s grace and prayer are ultimately the causes of any fruits achieved in this work. I simply need to be obedient to my calling. As Jesus said: “the harvest is ready . . .”

Meta Description: Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong’s book, “Orthodoxy and Catholicism: A Comparison” was read by Czech priests and bishops.
Meta Keywords: Orthodoxy and Catholicism: A Comparison, books by Dave Armstrong, Catholic apologetics, ecumenism
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  • On a humorous note, this occurrence again puts the lie to the anti-Catholic myth (oft-stated, and several times in direct reference to myself an/or other apologists) that there is some huge gap between lay apologetics and the priests and bishops of the Catholic Church.

    Here is a bishop who oversaw translation of my (what he thought was "excellent") book into Czech, then asked permission to distribute 200 of them to his fellow bishops and priests in the Czech Republic. Doesn't sound like a huge dichotomy there to me. Does it to anyone who is not a already an anti-Catholic bigot?

  • Dave,

    Good news! I pray that this will be of particular use in helping the Catholic Church further dialogue with the Orthodox Church in a spirit of Christian charity and from a position of better self-understanding.

    Can I thank you for your site. I have always found it a reasuring place to visit and browse around – especially when I'm feeling particularly 'attacked' as a Catholic and as a Christian. You always have something constructive to say and are always civil, imo.

    I have a quick question on a related topic. Have you ever read a book called The Byzantine Lists: Errors of the Latins by T M Kolbaba? It's been on my Amazon wish list for ages but is now completely unavailable! I was intrigued by the description and the exerpt on Google Books and I am also struggling to find reviews.

    I should have bought it when I had the chance!!!

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your very kind words. I greatly appreciate them.

    I haven't read that book. It sounds very interesting. It is available as a download, though, for $5.95 (!):

    Kolbaba book

  • Well, maybe not. This was by Patrick D. Viscuso, not Kolbaba. You could try a general search; not just on amazon: used book dealers, etc.