Atheism as a position is a count point to theism as a position, and has no relevance on the existence or unlikelihood of hypothetical deities. If there were no theists there would be no atheists because there would be nothing for them to disagree about, as far as beliefs in gods go. Atheists flip the bird at theist’s lunacy and hypocrisy, not at a supreme being that we don’t believe exists. * ME: Exactly, and that’s why a theist can and should answer this stuff; precisely because you (and by extension, Jonathan’s list of questions) are flipping the bird at “theist’s [supposed] lunacy and hypocrisy” and because his paper is a counter “to theism as a position.” Yet above it was said that it was utterly presumptuous for me to answer. We see through those games. Your insulting honesty is much more refreshing than LastManOnEarth’s clueless stupefaction.