“The Word Set in Stone”: Soundbites from Glowing Reviews

“The Word Set in Stone”: Soundbites from Glowing Reviews August 24, 2023

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“masterful . . . powerful tour de force . . .  fantastic piece of work . . . perfect book.” (William Albrëcht, Catholic apologist)

“punchy . . . clear and astute . . . demonstrat[es] that archaeology is actually a bedrock of confirmation [and] that Scripture is accurate” (Steve Ray, Catholic apologist)

“well-written, spirited . . . cutting-edge research . . . highly recommend[ed] to anyone who wonders whether the Bible is grounded in history.” (Gary Michuta, Catholic apologist)

“wonderful gift to the believing community . . . deeply satisfying intellectually . . . deepen[ed] my Christian faith . . . fantastic resource . . . a book not just to read, but to access and reference for the rest of one’s life.” (Dr. Paul Patton, Reformed Baptist pastor, playwright, and professor of communication and media)

“Armstrong draws out the most important [archaeological] evidence. . . . one of those necessary volumes that we Christians need to readily defend the truth of the Bible . . . The book bolstered the reasons supporting my own faith, and I found it fascinating to see the evidence for all these great Biblical events and places. . . . he maintains his own faithful Catholic belief in the divine power of God to accomplish each and every miraculous event in the Bible, while keeping his arguments at the natural level of science and archaeology to debunk the arguments of the skeptics.” (Devin Rose, Catholic apologist)

“fascinating and thought-provoking journey through the biblical record . . . Once I picked up this book, it was hard to put it down!” (Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio, Catholic apologist)

“scholarly but not abstruse . . . contains a great many things people ought to know and upholds the principle of the Bible’s truthfulness. Much of it is absolutely brilliant . . . firmly based in Scripture and credible archaeological research . . . worthy company to the books of Lutheran John Warwick Montgomery and Anglican C.S. Lewis.” (Rev. Dr. Ken Howes,  STM, JD, professor of theology and Lutheran pastor [LCMS])

“invaluable service to Christians . . . painstaking research . . . his aim is to show that the biblical stories—when properly understood—are authentic historical accounts and not mere myths . . . fascinating and illuminating.” (Dr. Robert Fastiggi, Professor of Dogmatic Theology and Christology)

“An intriguing and adventurous exposition of the evidence . . . will be of interest to all readers who take the Bible seriously . . . in-between the extremes of rigid fundamentalism and anti-supernatural liberalism . . . top-notch sources. At every turn, readers are treated to quotations from knowledgeable experts and relevant scientific articles . . . great read.” (John DeRosa, webmaster of the Classical Theism website)

“Dave Armstrong listens and tries to be fair to his critics . . . This loving approach is very winsome, in my opinion . . . Dave’s book is in the tradition of [Josh] McDowell . . . extremely well-researched . . . popularly-written so laymen can easily understand . . . up-to-date.” (Dan Grajek, Catholic evangelist and author)

“quite a useful book . . . Overall, I give this 5/5.” (Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC, author of God Loves the Autistic Mind: Prayer Guide for Those on the Spectrum and Those Who Love Us]

“Thorough, logical, well-researched . . . another milestone in Dave’s long line of apologetic works that should be in every Christian’s library . . . presents [a] myriad of arguments and documented evidences on why some of the contested Biblical stories and claims can easily be authenticated. . . . Great job.” (Dr. Stanley D. Williams, filmmaker and author)
 “wonderful compilation of archeological and historical references . . . fast read, compelling from start to finish, covering a lot of ground . . . informal writing style . . . enjoyed my time with it very much” (“EDS”, Amazon reviewer, 5-2-23)
“Well written and researched . . . Thoroughly enjoyed this book. The information is presented in a thoughtful and useful format . . . fascinating read!” (Bill S., Amazon reviewer, 5-8-23)
 “So glad I purchased [it] . . . Great book, well worth the read. Armstrong is an excellent writer.” (Dave L., Amazon reviewer, 5-13-23)
 “A much-needed response to the claims of secular-materialist atheists . . . captivating and scholarly exploration of biblical archaeology, offering a compelling case for the historical accuracy of the Bible. . . . well-rounded examination of the evidence and counterarguments. . . . blend[s] historical research including evidence from archaeological findings, scientific analysis, and biblical interpretation. He draws upon the works of renowned archaeologists and scholars to build his case for the historical validity of the biblical narratives . . . invit[ing] readers to consider the convergence of faith and reason . . . accessible and engaging, making complex concepts understandable to readers with varying levels of expertise . . . thoroughly researched . . . an essential read for any skeptic of the Bible, or anyone seeking to address one.” (“Andrew’s Bnb”, Amazon reviewer, 7-13-23)
 “Great resource for teachers . . . good resource for Christians of various backgrounds. Although, Dave is a Catholic himself, a Protestant will find that 99% of what is in this book is relevant to them as well. It would be great for people teaching Sunday School to adults, it would be great for pastors to refer to for material for sermons, . . . All in all this is a really fine effort. . . . It looks at scientific explanations as well as archeological data.” (Liz, Amazon reviewer, 4-14-23)
“Excellent analysis with ample sources, easy read . . . balanced analysis of common atheist and skeptic objections against the historical reliability of the Bible . . . ample sources from scholarly writings and research . . . easy to read manner for the average reader.” (Felix, Amazon reviewer, 4-2-23)
“In the end, it was a very enjoyable read, and the book continuously amazed and delighted me. For those who enjoy both studying scripture and delving into historical and scientific questions, Dave Armstrong’s The Word Set in Stone is something you will not want to miss.” (Dr. Pedro Gabriel, oncologist and author of The Orthodoxy of Amoris Laetitia [2022]; see full review)
Summary: Collection of positive book reviews for my book, The Word Set in Stone: How Archaeology, Science, and History Back Up the Bible (Catholic Answers, March 2023).

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