Watch: New trailers, character profiles and more for A.D. The Bible Continues

Watch: New trailers, character profiles and more for A.D. The Bible Continues April 4, 2015


One day to go until the premiere of A.D. The Bible Continues. The producers have released a brand new trailer featuring scenes from across the entire series, as well as several new character profiles and more. Check ’em out below the jump.

Here is the extended trailer:

Note how it uses a cover of Ten Years After’s ‘I’d Love to Change the World’. Previous trailers used covers of Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’ and XTC’s ‘Dear God’.

Another recent trailer uses Sam Smith’s ‘Stay with Me’:

There are also new profiles of the heroes and villains and the actors who play them.

Adam Levy on Simon Peter:

Babou Ceesay on John the Beloved:

Chipo Chung on Mary Magdalene:

Greta Scacchi on Mother Mary:

Richard Coyle on the high priest Caiaphas:

Vincent Regan on Pontius Pilate:

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey also presented a clip from the film, in which the resurrected Jesus appears to the disciples, on The Tonight Show:

Two more TV spots have surfaced, as well:

Finally, the YouTube channel has posted more endorsements from faith leaders, and once again, for some reason they cannot be played outside the U.S.:

Bishop T.D. Jakes:

Robby Dawkins:

Matthew Barnett:

Danilo Montero (who gets two videos, for some reason):

Mark Jobe:

Ron Luce:

Mark Batterson:

Gabriel Salguero:

Rick Warren:

Cardinal Wuerl:

Joel Osteen:

Check out earlier trailers and other videos here:

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