Watch: The first episode of digital talk show Beyond A.D.

Watch: The first episode of digital talk show Beyond A.D. April 12, 2015


NBC posted the first episode of Beyond A.D. this morning. Running 39 minutes, the talk show features producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey (and NFL superstar Kurt Warner, for some reason) discussing the first episode of A.D. The Bible Continues, which aired last week, and the second episode, which airs tonight. It also features a musical performance by Israel Houghton. Check it out below the jump.

Here is the episode itself (you can also watch it on Facebook):

A few highlights:

  • Burnett discusses how the early Christians will gradually realize they don’t need to worship God in the Temple any more (c. the 13-minute mark).
  • Downey says the series will focus more on the role of women in the early Church (c. the 18-minute mark).
  • Burnett and Downey say they cast more black actors as the disciples so that American audiences could “see themselves” (c. the 20-minute mark).
  • Burnett says the Ascension, in tonight’s episode, will be attended by an army of angels as a foretelling of the Second Coming, when Jesus will return with his army of angels (c. the 22-minute mark).
  • Burnett confirms that Pontius Pilate will actually meet the emperor Tiberius and his future successor Caligula in this series, and he says “these people are out of their minds” (c. the 23-minute mark).
  • A new clip from tonight’s episode (c. the 28-minute mark).

Houghton’s musical performance has also been posted as a standalone clip:

And for more information about Lonyo Engele’s “angelic” connections, check out this clip that was posted when The Bible premiered two years ago:

Check out earlier trailers and other videos here (though be warned: it appears that the network has taken some of the trailers and TV spots offline already):

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