Vaughn Ohlman Returns

Vaughn Ohlman Returns August 20, 2018

Do you remember Vaughn Ohlman? He of the awful book, long ridiculous blog postings involving getting very young people married, his planned marriage retreat where good patriarchs would pay each other 10K large to marry their 12 year old daughters to roughly 16 year old boys, he of the confusing girls with apples and very bad scifi? Well, just like AIDS and Herpes he’s still going strong. He has popped up on Lori Alexander’s Facebook page trying to educate the masses about, what else, young women.

Read ’em and weep.

Yes, yes, Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife has gained the most perverted guy in Quiverfull as a fan of her page and commenter. How long before he starts ranting that 12 year old girls with breasts and periods are ready to be married off. Von’s site Let Them Marry is still mostly shuttered because of NLQ’s Vyckie Garrison exposing his twisted scheme.

I don’t know which of those posts these screen caps are from. They were sent to me by a sharp eyed reader. Just to remind you of the total creepiness of Vaughn here’s The Young Turks Cenk Uygur completely misunderstanding QF, yet getting the inappropriateness of Von.

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  • SAO

    There’s a lot in the bible that most people just ignore. Before birth control, sex outside of marriage risked creating an awful situation for a child.

  • persephone

    There are medical texts in ancient Egypt that include birth control. The Romans wiped out a variety of celery plant that prevented conception. Once people figured out that sexual intercourse = babies, they were on the hunt for a preventative.

    So many people just assume that birth control is a new thing. It really isn’t. The RCC pushed for more births, so much of the knowledge of herbal alternatives was lost. The women who kept that knowledge were often persecuted as witches, both under the RCC and the Protestants, as women having any power over their bodies made it harder for the patriarchy to control them.

  • persephone

    Well, we knew Von couldn’t keep his fat trap shut. Just another mediocre white dude who is floundering at life giving opinions no one needs.

  • SAO

    Unless we knew what those plants were, I’m skeptical that they were safe, effective and available. After all, it wouldn’t be surprising if a herbal form of birth control was only 70% to 80% effective and caused serious birth defects in babies conceived while mothers were taking it. That might make eradication an effort to prevent birth defects, but I’m speculating.

  • lady_black

    No. The story of Onan in Genesis shows that the pull-out was known for many thousands of years. If “Onan” knew it, it was well-known and well-practiced.
    Fear of pregnancy never kept people from having sex. They just covered it up as best they could. My own great-grandmother told people she had “a tumor.” Yep. A bouncing baby tumor.

  • lady_black

    Whatever the plants were, they were safer than pregnancy.

  • persephone

    We do know the plants, as there are records, and the information has been handed down. Are they perfect? No. The choice between an unwanted pregnancy that could easily lead to death for the mother and child, and the risk of an overdose of the herb becomes a fairly easy equation to solve.

  • SAO

    Well, I’d be really interested in the reports on what they are, their effectiveness and side effects. It would be faacinating. Do you have any sources?

  • SAO

    I wasn’t talking about avoiding a risky pregnancy. The idea I was trying to convey is that consensual sex today harms no one. In a time when a woman had few job options and even fewer if she was not ‘chaste’, abortion was dangerous, and there were too many unwanted children for adoption to be pretty sure to lead to a good outcome, and ‘bastards’ were stigmatized and picked on, then the sin of consensual sex was in the risk of having a child with a miserable life.

    Unless birth control was safe, available and very effective (ie a lot more effective than the withdrawal method) then that remained true. It’s worth noting that even in Roman times, when this herb was known and available, unwanted babies were routinely left to die, so it’s hard for me to believe it was safe, very effective and widely available. People have been using methods such as withdrawal for millenia because, although they aren’t very effective, they are better than nothing.

    With the ability to avoid the harm of creating an unwanted child who will live in poverty with the stigma of being a bastard, there’s little harm in consensual sex, thus, IMHO, it’s not much of a sin as it was when married parents made the biggest difference in the health and happiness of the inevitable children.

  • persephone

    My herb books are buried in a box at the moment. There was one I have, just a mass market paperback, that was really good. I’ll have to dig it out. Also, hedgewitches, who use a lot of herbal medicine, are really good sources.

    I remember that when I was pregnant the first time, in the mid-90s, even the book “What to Expect when You’re Expecting” had a section on how to end an unwanted pregnancy. I believe that section was excised long ago.

  • persephone

    There’s no form of BC that doesn’t have side effects. Even condoms. Nothing is 100% safe. I had to quit the pill because the hormonal changes were interfering with my depression treatment. I used the sponge and the film, but they are not as good as the pill.

    In ancient times, pessaries were common. Sponges, especially sponges soaked in various mixtures, from lemon juice to crocodile dung, were known in much of the Eastern hemisphere. Condoms from sheep were known in the 18th century, but took a lot of work and care. Of course, we know that the various versions of coat hanger abortions have been used since forever. Herbs that cause muscle spasms are the most common ones for ending a pregnancy that’s still early.

    In fact, no medicine for anything is 100% safe or effective. You use what works, then hope.

    ETA: when the average woman faced a 30% change of dying due to a pregnancy, downing an herbal remedy that might make you miserably sick for a couple of days doesn’t sound so bad.

  • Kevin K

    Creepy creep is creepy.