Hindu Festivals in August

Hindu Festivals in August July 25, 2017

Finally what feels like a dry spell on festivals is coming to an end and the major Hindu festivals season will soon begin! August sees the first few well-known and widely-celebrated Hindu festivals…

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is on August 7th this year.

This is a day when sisters and brothers acknowledge the special relationship they share.

I made some nail wraps for this holiday:

hindu festival rakhi

See more here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/whitehindu/2014/08/raksha-bandhan-2014-hindu-holiday/

Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami is on August 14 this year.

This is the celebration of Lord Krishna’s birthday. (ISKCON put on grand events for this in the U.S. I recommend seeking them out).

See more here: How to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami

Independence Day

Indian Independence Day is August 15th.

Just like our independence day, it celebrates the end of British rule in India. (Although, unlike American independence, India was already an established nation when the British came in and took over. In America we were mostly British people originally).

I made some special nail art to celebrate Indian independence day too. I hope they are not offensive. They are meant just to show off pride!

hindu festivals in august

See more here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/whitehindu/2013/08/happy-independence-day/

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is on August 25th – September 5th

This Hindu festival celebrates Lord Ganesha’s birthday. This is a favorite of mine. I love the symbolism in creating a Ganesh statue to tell all your sorrows to and then sending him home to a river so he can carry them away.

Here is my attempt to do a Ganesh Chaturthi puja. This is from 2015

See more here: How to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi


There are many more festivals and holidays and holy days in the Hindu calendar in August but these are the highlights for me and the ones I celebrate.

Find more here:

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  • Man, I haven’t been part of any of these… on purpose:

    I wore a Ganesh necklace that was very sentimentally important to me and last September while swimming in the lace it broke off! I was crushed. Then a friend’s mom told me about the festival and I no long felt it was a loss as much as moving forward and no longer “needing” it.

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