Maybe He Drowned?

Maybe He Drowned? September 6, 2017

I don’t spend much time or energy wondering about my past lives. I’m sure they happened but it doesn’t have too much bearing on right now. This life and this moment are the only places where change can happen, after all.

This past week we took Garrick Ravi on a beach trip with Brad’s family. I grew up also taking beach trips each summer and I loved it. I love the ocean so much and I took to it right away from what I understand. Once I was so excited to get to the beach that I jumped out of the car and ran right into the ocean still wearing my dress. My mom was not too happy as she tried to wash the salt residue out of it!


So I was very surprised to find that Garrick Ravi hated the beach. Each time we tried to take him down to see the ocean he started shrieking in terror. Even with him between us each holding one of his tiny hands, he would not go any where near the water.

It’s moments like these that make me wonder about past lives.

Garrick Ravi has had no experience in this life to make him so afraid of the water. I was not like that as a one-year-old. I loved the ocean and I still do. It makes me wonder if he had a scary ocean experience in his past life, perhaps he even drowned before coming into this life.

I do hope he’ll be able to get past his fear of the water and enjoy the beach as much as I do.


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