Science & Christianity (Copious Helpful Resources)

Science & Christianity (Copious Helpful Resources) November 3, 2015


Daguerreotype of Charles Darwin from 1842 (age 33), with oldest son, William Erasmus Darwin [public domain / Wikimedia Commons]

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Adam and Eve, Cain, Abel, and Noah as Historical Figures (Dave Armstrong, 2008)

Fr. Robert Barron Denies that Adam Was a “Literal Figure” (Dave Armstrong, 2011)

Defending the Literal, Historical Adam of the Genesis Account (Dave Armstrong vs. Eric S. Giunta, 2011)

Adam & Eve of Genesis: Historical & the Primal Human Pair? (Dave Armstrong, 2013)

Only Ignoramuses Believe in Adam & Eve? (Dave Armstrong, 2015)

Adam & Eve & Original Sin: Disproven by Science? (Dave Armstrong, 2015)

Does Science Allow for a Literal Adam and Eve? (Dennis Bonnette)

Three Responses to a Darwinian’s Claims Against a Literal Adam and Eve (Dennis Bonnette; scroll down the page a little)

A Philosophical Critical Analysis of Recent Ape-Language Studies (Dennis Bonnette, 1993)

Must Human Evolution Contradict Genesis? (Dennis Bonnette, 2007)

Did Darwin Prove Genesis a Fairy Tale? (Dennis Bonnette, 2007)

Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? (Dennis Bonnette, 2014)

Time to Abandon the Genesis Story? (Dennis Bonnette, 2014)

Modern biology and original sin (+ Part II) (Edward Feser, 2011)

Monkey in your soul? (Edward Feser, 2011)

Knowing an Ape from Adam (Edward Feser, 2014)

Adam and Eve and Ted and Alice (Mike Flynn, 2011)

Adam was an Individual Man, From Whom the Whole Human Race Derives Its Origin (Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J., 1998)

Science, Theology, and Monogenesis (Kenneth W. Kemp, 2011)

Difficulties with Adam and Eve (Fr. Dwight Longenecker, 2013)

Is the Adam and Eve Story a Myth? (Fr. Dwight Longenecker, 2014)

No, Virginia, Science Hasn’t Debunked Adam (Lydia McGrew, 2014)

Adam, Eve, and the Hominid Fossil Record (Phil Porvaznik)




Old Habits Die Hard: The Atheist Fairy Tale of “Christianity vs. Science and Reason” (Dave Armstrong, 2007)

Surveys of Current Religious Beliefs of Scientists (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

Reply to Atheist Scientist Jerry Coyne: Are Science and Religion Utterly Incompatible? (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato si: A Beautiful & Profoundly Wise Statement of Christian Environmentalism & Theology of Creation (Dave Armstrong, 2015)



Teaching intelligent design as religion or science? (William A. Dembski, 1996)

Fruitful Interchange or Polite Chitchat? The Dialogue Between Science and Theology (William A. Dembski & Stephen C. Myer, 1998)

Natural theology, natural science, and the philosophy of nature (Edward Feser, 2012)


Not the God of the Gaps, But the Whole Show [Higgs boson particle] (John Lennox, 2012)


Scientific Outlook: Its Sickness and Cure (Michael Polanyi, 1957)

Science and Reality (Michael Polanyi, 1967)

Why Scientists Must Believe in God: Divine Attributes of Scientific Law (Vern S. Poythress, 2003)


Christianity and the Scientific Enterprise (Charles Thaxton)





Early Protestant Hostility Towards Science (Dave Armstrong, 2004)

Galileo: The Myths and the Facts (Dave Armstrong, 2006)

Why the Galileo Case Doesn’t Disprove Catholic Infallibility  (Dave Armstrong vs. Ken Temple and Eric G., 2006)

Dialogue on the Galileo Fiasco and the State of Scientific and Astronomical Knowledge in 1633 (Dave Armstrong, 2006)

Did St. Thomas Aquinas Accept Astrology? (Dave Armstrong, 2006)

“Science vs. Religion” Chronicles: 16th-17th Century Astronomers’ Acceptance of Astrology (Dave Armstrong, 2006)

Richard Dawkins & Double Standards of the “Religion vs. Science” Mentality / Galileo Redux (Dave Armstrong, 2008)

Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Philip Melanchthon Wax Astronomical and Geocentric, Oppose Copernicus (Dave Armstrong, 2009)

In (Partial) Defense of William Jennings Bryan (Famous “Scopes Trial” of 1925) (Dave Armstrong, 2009)

The Galileo Fiasco & Catholic Infallibility (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

Who Killed Lavoisier: “Father of Chemistry”? (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

“No One’s Perfect”: Scientific Errors of Galileo and 16th-17th Century Cosmologies (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

Christianity: Crucial to the Origin of Science (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

Christians or Theists Founded 115 Scientific Fields (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

33 Empiricist Christian Thinkers Before 1000 AD (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

Christian Influence on Science: Master List of Scores of Bibliographical and Internet Resources (Links) (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

Reflections on the Pseudo-Science & Ethics of Social Darwinism & Its Use as a Justification for the Nazi Holocaust (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

Typical “Science vs. Catholicism” Criticisms (and Myths) from an Agnostic Scientist Refuted (Dave Armstrong, 2011)

John Calvin Assumes a Non-Spherical Earth & Severely Mocks Plato for Believing that the Earth is a Globe (Dave Armstrong, 2012)

Galileo, Bellarmine, & Scientific Method (Dave Armstrong, 2015)

My Claims re Piltdown Man & the Scopes Trial Twisted (Dave Armstrong, 2015)

Simultaneously Dumb & Smart Christians, Atheists, & Scientists (Dave Armstrong, 2015)

Atheist French, Soviet, & Chinese Executions of Scientists (Dave Armstrong, 2015)

Catholics & Science #1: Hermann of Reichenau (Dave Armstrong, 2015)

Catholics & Science #2: Adelard of Bath (Dave Armstrong, 2015)


Christianity and the Rise of Science  (James Hannam, 2002)



Revisiting Galileo, Astronomy, and the authority of the Bible (H. J. Lee, 2010)





Flood Geology, the (Global?) Flood, and Uniformitarianism (+ Part II) (Dave Armstrong vs. Kevin Rice, 2004)

Dialogue on Biblical Cosmology, Round One (Dave Armstrong vs. Matthew Green, 2006)

Atheist “Proof Texts” of an Alleged Flat-Earth Biblical Cosmology (Dave Armstrong vs. Ed Babinski, 2006)

Noah’s Flood & Catholicism: Basic Facts (Dave Armstrong, 2015)

Do Carnivores on the Ark Disprove Christianity? (Dave Armstrong, 2015)

The Star of Bethlehem (T. Michael Davis, 2007)

Biblical Creation and Science: A Review Article (Paul Elbert, 1996)

The Bible and Cosmology (R. Laird Harris, 1962)

Science and Scripture (Peter van Inwagen, 2010)


The Relevance of Scientific Thought to Scriptural Interpretation (G. Douglas Young, 1961)




The Catholic Perspective on Creation and Evolution / Charles Darwin’s Religious Beliefs: Some Thoughts (Dave Armstrong, 2009)

The Philosophical Impossibility of Darwinian Naturalistic Evolution (Dennis Bonnette, 2008)




Genesis and Evolution (Peter van Inwagen, 1993)

Darwinism and Theism (Phillip E. Johnson, 1992)


Augustine on the Creation Days (Louis Lavallee, 1989)

The Days of Creation: An Historical Survey of Interpretation (Jack P. Lewis, 1989)


Life’s Irreducible Structure (Michael Polanyi, 1968)

Theistic Evolution and the Roman Catholic Church (Phil Porvaznik)


[for articles on Intelligent Design, see the separate collection for the Teleological (Design) Argument]




What is Naturalism? (William P. Alston, n.d.)

A Scientific Case for the Soul (Robin Collins, 2011)


The Incompleteness of Scientific Naturalism (William A. Dembski, 1992)

The Act of Creation: Bridging Transcendence and Immanence (William A. Dembski, 1998)

Are We Spiritual Machines? (William A. Dembski, 1999)

Beguiled by scientism (Edward Feser, 2009)

Can We Know Anything if Naturalism is True? (Paul Gould, 2012)


Paradigm Shift: A Challenge to Naturalism (Gary R. Habermas, 1989)

Science and God’s Revelation in Nature (Carl F. H. Henry, 1960)

Response to Frederick Grinnell on Scientific Naturalism (Peter van Inwagen, 1992)

The Incompatibility of Naturalism and Scientific Realism (Robert C. Koons, 1998)

Is Methodological Naturalism Question-Begging? (Robert A. Larmer, 2003)

Against Materialism (Alvin Plantinga, 2006)

Materialism and Christian Belief (Alvin Plantinga, 2007)

A Blindfolded Watchmaker: The Arrival of the Fittest (David L. Wilcox, 1992)




Albert Einstein’s “Cosmic Religion” (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

Quantum Theology: Christianity and the New Physics (William E. Brown, 1990)




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