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Ramadan on Altmuslim - #30Days30Writers

Ramadan Mubarak! Check out Altmuslim's Ramadan series - 30 Days, 30 Writers, featuring the voices of Khaled Beydoun, Margari Hill, Abdelrahman Murphy, Zainab F. Chaudry and many more.


CVE Critics are Right, and CVE is Still Necessary

By Junaid M. Afeef & Alejandro J. Beutel The Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris in January 2015 seemed to renew the Obama Administration’s push for implementing countering violent extremism (CVE) as an alternative paradigm to the excesses of the War on Terror. However, many civil liberties groups, including several within the American Muslim community, have [Read More...]

We’re moving to!

We’ve had a wonderful time as part of the Patheos community, but have moved back to our own website as of today:! Please update your reader and stay tuned for more great literary columns and exciting announcements! Thank you!

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