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Muslimah Next Door

Ali Family #AutismTruths: God Never Left You

As Dilshad D. Ali explores her family's #AutismTruths in April, she has an important thing to say to her former self and all those new to autism living: God never left you.


In Trump’s America, are Islamic Schools a Better Choice then Public Schools?

Whether to send a child to public or private school is an important decision that is usually driven by the views of parents regarding the type of education they want to provide their children, and the extent to which they can financially support private schools. In the age of Trump, however, there are many more things to consider in assessing whether Islamic schools may be a better option for some families.

NbA Muslims

Muslims, Say No to Events Erasing Black Muslims

Another day, and yet another Muslim conference ripe with anti-Black tone deafness and erasure. Last weekend the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) hosted its 42nd convention. The convention is one of a number of large-scale Muslim convenings in the United States with a voluminous attendance of people from multiple backgrounds. Unfortunately, like so many [Read More...]


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Sacred Bodies of Water