Planned Parenthood is the Right Hand of Satan

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“Dear mommy, please vote yourself the right to kill me.”

Perhaps the sickest ad of a sick election season, in which the “products of conception” (to use the “choice” movement’s terminology) beg mommy for the right to get rid of any potential little brothers or sisters. Nothing like having cute little moppets who managed to dodge the uterine currette cheering on their homicidal moms to make sure they never get called “grandma.”

I cannot wait for this election to be over.

And, just in case you haven’t had enough of the left’s sick manipulation of children, here’s another taste.

This is Obama’s base. These are his allies.

via Hot Air

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  • TC

    Mark Shea brought this one to his reader’s attention:

    My question; don’t women find these ads offensive? I take umbrage at the presumption that I automatically “owe” my vote to the GOP nominee (yes, I will be voting for him).

  • Ted Seeber

    The use of children to prevent the next generation of humanity is quite sickening indeed- and part and parcel with the Malthusian Atheists behind Planned Parenthood.

  • Maggie Goff

    I am so very sad for our country tonight.