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“It was terrifying for a young girl just beginning to realize that she was a lesbian.”

From hatred, hope. [Read more…]

The tragedy of Christian fundamentalism strikes again

His sister became a toxic fundamentalist Christian. Now what? [Read more…]

A Pilgrim’s diary entry at the end of the first Thanksgiving Day

“One day the Indians will appreciate that we are their betters, and will bow down in gratitude to God for all that we have done for them.” [Read more…]

As Jesus said: “Family, Schmamily. As long as there’s pie.”

One day you’ll be dead. So will they. Now go get some pie. [Read more…]

What? Megachurch Leader Rick Warren Left Behind?

“… Because I said the truth to Rick Warren, and he heard it.”

[Read more…]

How Christians arguing against homosexuality sound to me now

In the eight years I’ve been fighting against the Christian condemnation of homosexuality, I’ve received approximately fourteen gazillion letters from Christians seeking to enlighten me as to the sinful nature of homosexuality. Here’s a representative jewel of one such letter. [Read more…]

Mary: “How do I feel, Joseph? Pregnant. Very pregnant.”

Because Mary and Joseph were, after all, a couple in love. [Read more…]

6 truths about “forgiving” sexual abuse

For anyone who’s ever been pressured to forgive their abuser. [Read more…]

Goodbye, family that takes my brother’s side, despite what he did to me

Two years ago she wanted to know if, as a Christian, she needed to forgive the brother who molested her. Well, guess what happened? [Read more…]

Going through hell to find the secret to life

After thinking about it long and hard, I realized that the answer to the question of what happens to us after we die lies in the question itself. [Read more…]