Infographic, Ya Blew It

My soldiers say really awful 'science facts' from time to time. More often than not, it comes from these shitty infographics on Facebook.How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways...These all the same thing: "Spot buster", "Stain remover", "Removes stains", "Glass cleaner", "Toilet cleaner"Plausible, citation would be helpful: "Sore throat soother","Food preservative", "Fingernail brightener", "Dry mouth cure", "Hair highlighter"Doubtful, citation needed: "Dandruff", "Lighten … [Read more...]

Top 30 terrible comments about atheist soldiers on

Illegal modifications to a military chapel in Afghanistan were abruptly reversed thanks to American Atheists. They had installed the only known church steeple in Afghanistan, and cut giant crosses into the doors of the 'religiously neutral' building. At night, light would emit from the crosses on the doors, shining like a miniature searchlight.Yesterday, Fox News Todd Starnes wrote an article that piggybacked the excellent NBC coverage that broke the story. These comments were all posted at F … [Read more...]

Check in from the Middle East

So back in the States...I've been gone for quite a while and am always flabbergasted at the ridiculous level of nonsense that the American News Media focuses on. Since I've been gone President Obama was reelected, women can serve in combat roles, taxes have been raised on the wealthy, we are coming to terms with our government debt, far too many people have been harmed by gun violence, thousands of innocent civilians are killed by American drones, and do you know what I see on the news for … [Read more...]

u mad Sarah Palin?

Achievement unlocked: I have pissed off Sarah Palin.I pissed off Sarah Palin. She's angry that military can't build churches in Afghanistan.…— Justin Griffith (@RckBeyondBelief) January 25, 2013What are we succumbing to, America? The army orders "the removal of Christian symbols from a chapel."I wonder...— Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) January 25, 2013To answer her question, America is succumbing to regulations that have been in place for de … [Read more...]

US Military will not be building churches in Afghanistan

American Atheists just pulled off a huge win in Afghanistan. This is illegal:Kari Huus at NBC News reports:U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan on Thursday ordered the removal of a steeple and crucifix erected over a remote American base in the Muslim country after a soldier deployed there noted that the symbols violated Army regulations, and could reinforce suspicions that the United States is fighting a holy war.It is unclear how long ago the Christian symbols at the chapel at … [Read more...]

30 Laps Around The Sun

I've officially made it 30 laps around the sun.It's going to be tough not being able to trust myself, now that I'm old. I've become 'the system'. If somebody would have told teenage me I was going to join the military, I'd have asked them for some of whatever drugs they were on.My 20's were weird, so I'm sure that my 30's are going to be completely normal. I guarantee that I won't regret typing that - no, sir.My wife is giving me a ton of shit. It's payback for all the crap I pulled o … [Read more...]

Jesus swam on the land (mild NSFW)

Jesus walked on the water and swam on the land. He was way ahead of his time! Did you know that 'Land Swimming' is the latest exercise craze? "It's not just for the rich. Even blue collar workers can swim to work." I miss the Weekly World News.It's definitely worth the read. Click to embiggen.True story: when I first joined the Army, I used to be a bit of a smart ass. Shocking, huh? Anyway, the 'old way' we did morning exercises was often less formal. Sometimes our platoon would b … [Read more...]

The Feelies

You're about to click away. It's okay, I don't take it personally. This post is about music, not about freethought. Who do I think I am anyway, Lester Bangs?I remember discovering The Feelies records about a decade ago. Something told me that it was so special that I should save them for a day when I gave up on music. I've done this with books too, refusing to read the last book in a series, or even the last pages. Finishing them seemed too fatalistic.Now I'm older and though I haven't … [Read more...]