Romantic and Imaginative Theology: Inklings of Heaven

Romantic and Imaginative Theology: Inklings of Heaven April 18, 2006
Rainforest in New Zealand (South Island). Photograph by “KraeheMicha” [Pixabay / CC0 public domain]
A romantic theologian does not mean one who is romantic about theology but one who is theological about romance, one who considers the theological implications of those experiences which are called romantic.
— C. S. Lewis —

Christian Fantasy, Folklore, Mythology, Imagination, and Romanticism
[Disclaimer: I emphatically do not endorse any pagan, occultic, Wiccan, New Age or other beliefs hostile to Christianity, which may appear on some of these sites unbeknownst to me. I am interested in mythology only insofar as it is consistent with a Lewis/Tolkien/George MacDonald sort of imaginative Christian Romanticism]

Now as myth transcends thought, Incarnation transcends myth. The heart of Christianity is a myth which is also a fact . . . To be truly Christian we must both assent to the historical fact and also receive the myth (fact though it has become) with the same imaginative embrace which we accord to all myths . . . For this is the marriage of heaven and earth: Perfect Myth and Perfect Fact: claiming not only our love and our obedience, but also our wonder and delight, addressed to the savage, the child, and the poet in each one of us no less than to the moralist, the scholar, and the philosopher.
— C. S. Lewis —
C. S. Lewis: Photograph and Reminiscences Page (Dave Armstrong) [6-16-11, at Internet Archive]
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Fairy-tales are much more of a picture of the permanent life of the great mass of mankind than most realistic fiction.
— G. K. Chesterton —


Dialogue on Romanticism and Christianity (w K. Rickert, Jr.) [2-15-04] 

The religious element in Romanticism, whether Catholic or non-Catholic, goes much deeper than the superficial aesthetic appeal. It has its roots in the fundamental principles of the movement.
— Christopher Dawson —
The Inklings and Other Friends and Influences on C.S. Lewis

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Seven: An Anglo-American Literary Review (devoted to C.S. Lewis, Chesterton, Tolkien, MacDonald, Williams, Barfield, Sayers)
Nature is not just something objective which exists outside us. Nature is speaking to us. It is a parable of life itself, a revelation of fearful symmetry.

— Malcolm Muggeridge —

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The fairy story may be made a vehicle of Mystery. That at least is what George MacDonald attempted, achieving stories of power and beauty when he succeeded.
— J. R. R. Tolkien —

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Description of a MacDonald Sermon (from one present)

George MacDonald is pre-eminently a mythopoeic writer . . . In his power . . . to project his inner life into images, beings, landscapes which are valid for all, he is one of the most remarkable writers of the nineteenth century.

Lilith is equal if not superior to the best of Poe.

— W. H. Auden —

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It is not difficult to imagine the peculiar excitement and joy that one would feel, if any specially beautiful fairy-story were found to be ‘primarily’ true, its narrative to be history, without thereby necessarily losing the mythical or allegorical significance that it had possessed . . . God is the Lord of angels, and of men — and of elves. Legend and History have met and fused . . . The Evangelium has not abrogated legends; it has hallowed them, especially the ‘happy ending’.

— J. R. R. Tolkien —



J.R.R. Tolkien’s Take on the Truth (Interview with Author Joseph Pearce on “Lord of the Rings”)
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In poetry the words are the body and the ‘theme’ or ‘content’ is the soul. But in myth the imagined events are the body and something inexpressible is the soul.

— C. S. Lewis —


What About Charles Williams?: The Secret of the Enigmatic Inkling Revealed (Thomas Howard)

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I do not think the resemblance between the Christian and the merely imaginative experience is accidental. I think that all things, in their way, reflect heavenly truth, the imagination not least.

— C. S. Lewis —

 The Harry Potter Controversy


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