St. John Henry Cardinal Newman: Articles & Books About Him

St. John Henry Cardinal Newman: Articles & Books About Him October 9, 2019
St. John Henry Newman was canonized by Pope Francis on 13 October 2019 in Rome.

Importance & Influence of Blessed Cardinal Newman [5-22-03]

Was Cardinal Newman a Modernist?: Pope St. Pius X vs. Anti-Catholic Polemicist David T. King (Development, not Evolution of Doctrine) [1-20-04]

Does the History of the Papacy Contradict Catholic Ecclesiology? [1-20-04 at Internet Archive]

Catholics and Reason: Reply to Certain Misrepresentations of Catholic Apologetics and Philosophy — including excerpts from Newman’s Grammar of Assent [1-20-04 at Internet Archive]

Cardinal Newman’s Philosophical & Epistemological Commitments [10-19-04]

Döllinger & Liberal Dissidents’ Rejection of Papal Infallibility [11-28-04]

Absurd Anti-Newman Rhetoric in Anti-Catholic Polemics [3-19-02 and 9-27-05]

Cdl. Newman, Vatican I & II, & Papal Infallibility (Clarification) [12-10-05]

The Certitude of Faith According to Cardinal Newman [9-30-08]

Newman on Theological Liberalism (Tracts of the Times No. 73) [3-5-11]

Anglican Newman on the Falsity of Perspicuity (Clearness) of Scripture [3-7-11]

John Henry Newman on Papal Infallibility Prior to 1870 (Classic Anti-Catholic Lies: George Salmon, James White, David T. King et al) [8-11-11]

Dialogue on Newman’s Kingsley / Apologia Controversy [11-30-12]

Part Eight (of my 75-page conversion story): Bombshell and Paradigm Shift: Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman’s Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine (1990) [2013]

Cardinal Newman’s Conversion Odyssey, in His Own Words (1839-1845) [3-19-15]

Blessed Cardinal Newman on Mary’s Immaculate Conception [2015]

Cardinal Newman’s Conversion Agonies: Jan. 1842 to Feb. 1844  [2015]

Implicit (Extra-Empirical) Faith, According to JH Newman [12-18-15]

Armstrong vs. Collins & Walls #1: Newman’s Mariology [10-17-17]

Pope Francis, Cardinal Newman, & Fresh (Orthodox) Presentations [1-29-18]

The “High”, Glorious Mariology of Cardinal Newman (Foreword to The Mariology of Cardinal Newman, by Rev. Francis J. Friedel) [4-11-19]

Dr. Echeverria: Francis Wants Development, Not Revolution [5-28-19]

Blessed Cardinal Newman on Mary’s Immaculate Conception [7-31-19]

The Anglican Newman on Prayer for the Dead (1838): It was as well-attested in the early Church as the Canon of Scripture [10-11-19]

Cardinal Newman Anticipated Vatican II & Lay Participation [10-11-19]

Cardinal Newman on What Persuades People of Christianity [10-12-19]

Anglican Newman on Oral & Written Apostolic Tradition [10-12-19]

St. John Henry Newman: Photograph & Portrait Page [10-14-19]




The Quotable Newman: Foreword by Joseph Pearce [9-5-12]

The Quotable Newman (2012) [10-12-12]

Available for only $2.99 in several e-book formats.

The book page contains my Introduction.

Two glowing reviews by Dr. Jeff Mirus (one / two)

Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas, in The Catholic Response (Vol. IX, No. 4, Jan / Feb 2013, p. 58):

Cardinal Newman does not admit of sound-bites but Dave Armstrong has done a creditable job of giving us easily digestible portions of Newman’s thoughts on a host of topics, conveniently arranged in alphabetical order with a precise citation following each entry. This is a wonderful addition to Newman scholarship.

Stratford Caldecott, Editor of Magnificat:

Dave Armstrong’s anthology of Newman is the best I have seen remarkable for the way it makes this monumental writer accessible to the modern reader.

Joseph Pearce, Writer-in-Residence, the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts:

John Henry Newman is one of the most important Catholic writers, theologians and philosophers of the past two centuries. The Quotable Newman provides highlights from his magnificent work in one easy-to-read volume. This is the perfect introduction to his thought.

The Quotable Newman, Vol. II [8-20-13]

Available for only $2.99 in several e-book formats.

The book page contains my Introduction, many excerpts (posted on Facebook) and the Index of Topics.

The Quotable Newman (Vol. I, II): Complete Index of Correspondents [8-20-13]

Cardinal Newman: Q & A in Theology, Church History, and Conversion [2-24-15]

Available for only $2.99 in several e-book formats.

The book page contains many excerpts (posted on Facebook) and the comprehensive Table of Contents.

Introduction to my book: Cardinal Newman: Q & A in Theology, Church History, & Conversion [5-23-15]




Development of Doctrine (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman: “Father” of Vatican II (Links Page)

This was for many years the most extensive web page devoted to Cardinal Newman, besides Newman Reader, that contained his actual books. It was active from 1997 to 2016, when it was discontinued. At this link one can still see archived versions of the page, which show how very comprehensive it was: and many of the links are still functional even now.

Farewell to My Lewis, Chesterton, & Newman Pages [6-8-16]




Visiting G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and John Henry Newman: An England Pilgrimage (Photos) [extraordinary web page by Brandon Vogt]

National Institute for Newman Studies: Digital Collections

Newman Reader (virtually all Cardinal Newman books for free in nice HTML format)


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