Watch: A new TV spot links Risen to the Easter holiday

Watch: A new TV spot links Risen to the Easter holiday March 25, 2016


This coming Sunday is Easter on the western church calendar, and the people behind the current crop of “faith-based” movies are hoping that Christians will spend a little time at the movie theatre in addition to their time at church. Thus, we have seen a non-stop stream of new videos this week for Miracles from Heaven — all of which you can watch here — and now we have a new TV spot for Risen, the film about the death and resurrection of Jesus that is told from the point of view of a Roman officer.

Here is the new TV spot, which quotes author Karen Kingsbury:

Make RISEN part of your Easter plans! Get tickets at #RisenMovie

Posted by Risen Movie on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Check out earlier Risen trailers and other videos here:

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