The ABCs of Witchcraft, A Poem

The ABCs of Witchcraft, A Poem February 17, 2019

A is for athame, tracing a circle

B is for book, a shadowy journal

C is for candle that burns through the night

D is for deities invoked in the rite

abc abcs witchcraft pagan wicca a is for athame

E is for energy raised in a cone

F is for faeries and familiars you know

G is for ghosts and guardian spirits

H is for herbs like catnip and spearmint


I is for insight and intuition’s power

J is for joy of the witching hour

K is for keys and opening doors

L is for liminal, a state we adore


Pixabay CC0


M is for magic we stir up in swells

N is for numinous spirits beheld

O is for otherworlds traveled in trance

P is for poetry, postures, and dance


Q is for queer and a rainbow of friends

R is for runes and all they portend

S is for spell we chant without falter

T is for table we set with an altar

Circle Dancing, Franz Stuck, Wikimedia Commons

U is for undulations under the sun

V is for vino we drink with aplomb

W is for will, whose power is might

X is for ecstasy, the peak of the rite


Y is for yes, we ask for this boon

Z is for zenith, we release and attune


Now is the time for cakes and ale

Then gathering cloaks and saying farewell

The circle is open, but the magic’s within

We’ll carry it with us ‘til we meet again


Poem copyright Astrea Taylor


This poem’s sublime rhyming pattern was inspired by The Grashlycrumb Tinies, which is also known as A is for Amy, Who Fell Down the Stairs, by Edward Gorey.


abcs of witchcraft pillow society 6 intuitive witch pagan wicca
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