Child Sex Abuse: Are We Protecting Our Kids?


Here is my latest article for Aleteia asking if the church is doing enough to protect children.  This week Pope Francis met privately with victims of priestly sex abuse from Ireland, Britain and Germany…. Expressing the feelings of most Catholics, Pope Francis said, “Before God and his people, I express my sorrow for the sins and [Read More...]

House Falls on Teen Witch


HuffPo–always ready to celebrate diversity–has this report on “Tova”– a modern witch who has suffered for her beliefs…  During her kids’ earlier years, the family faced social challenges because of Tova’s beliefs, she said. “As a mother, I’ve had many instances where, when my children were younger, [the situation was], ‘Oh, well, they can’t have [Read More...]

Me and Michael Voris: No More Mr Nice Guy

Angry Bald Guy

A very nice person, David Mills, comments here that nice people can be deadly. “Those who are described as ‘agreeable, conscientious personalities’ are,” according to a study in The Journal of Personality reported on news.mic, “more likely to follow orders and deliver electric shocks that they believe can harm innocent people, while ‘more contrarian, less agreeable personalities’ are [Read More...]

The New Misogyny – Double Dads


Jennifer Hartline rails rightly here against same sex surrogate parenthood. She comments on the phenomenon of gay men being “married” and then creating babies artificially through medical technology and an “unrelated gestational carrier.” aka “Mom”. Anyone truly devoted to the good of a child will not create by design a motherless or fatherless home for [Read More...]

All You Need is Love…


Love is all you need? A United Church of Christ minister, Chuck Currie writes here at the HuffPo about religious freedom. He disagrees with the recent moves by some Christians to have the freedom to not purchase certain types of contraceptives for employees and he does not want them to have the freedom to hire [Read More...]

English Lord Patten to Take Vatican Communications Job

Baroness Thatcher funeral

Chris Patten, a veteran English Catholic politician will head up the Vatican’s new communications and media team. The Catholic Herald reports here. former chairman of the BBC Trust and former chancellor of the University of Oxford, will serve as president of the commission. The 70-year-old British public servant is a Catholic and was co-ordinator of [Read More...]