St Mary Help of Christians, Aiken SC


Fr Renuard West has posted some pictures of the new St Mary Help of Christians church being built in Aiken, South Carolina. This church along with St Paul’s Spartanburg and the new Our Lady of the Rosary is helping to put the Diocese of Charleston on the map for innovative traditional architecture. Here are some [Read More...]

Idol Speculation

Toppling Idols

Did the pagans really worship idols? If so, what was going on? To be precise, they did not worship idols as such, but they worshipped the gods who they believed the idols represented. But it was more than that. They also believed that the idols became the channels for the invisible god. If you like [Read More...]

Ugly as Sin?

Michael Rose’s book Ugly As Sin:  was read by the members of our building committee when they began planning the new Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Greenville, South Carolina. They studied the trends in modern architecture and did their homework. When I arrived in the parish four years ago they already had a modest, [Read More...]

Ten Ways to Battle Gossip


Have you ever really stopped to consider how ugly gossip is? Working in school, family and parish life you experience time and again how colossally stupid, destructive and therefore sinful gossip can be. The reason gossip is stupid is because it almost invariably deals in half truths. A person gets one side of the story [Read More...]

The Terrorism of Torture

Torture Wall

How can you counter terrorism with torture when torture is a form of terrorism? Here’s why I mean by that radical statement that “torture is a form of terrorism” The power of terrorism is that it is completely lawless. The terrorist believes that his cause condones outrageous cruelty. His cause not only threatens to kill [Read More...]

Romance of Religion for Christmas

Romance of Religion cover

Why not order a signed copy of my book The Romance of Religion as a Christmas gift? Here’s an excerpt In a world of useful things it might seem absurd to write a book in praise of romance. Who needs romance in a world that has been rationalized, economized, mechanized and computerized? Can romance survive in [Read More...]