Hinduism Basics

Here’s some basic information and resources to get you started!

Hinduism 101: What Do Hindus Believe

Branches of Hinduism

What Makes Someone a Hindu

Overviews of Gods and Goddesses

Hindu Holidays

Scripture Examination

Tour My Home Altar

Your First Visit to a Temple

Beware Gurus

Why I Am A Hindu

Super Simple Daily Puja

What to Wear to a Hindu Temple


Good To Know

What is the Difference Between a Mantra and a Prayer?

Rishi, Sanyasin, Pandit, Sadhu…What Are They?

Pronounciation Guide for Sanskrit Words

How To: The Gayatri Mantra

What Is Yoga?

Reincarnation: The Truth About Past Lives

More Myths About Reincarnation

Karma Sutra Doesn’t Exist

Karma: Misunderstood

How to Explain Hinduism


Common Search Engine Questions

Why Do Hindus Pierce Their Nose?

Why Do Hindus Wear Turbans?

What Does Hinduism Say About Homosexuality?

How Does Hinduism Differ From Buddhism?

Why Do Hindus Not Eat Beef?

Why Do Hindu Beliefs Vary Widely?

How Do Hindu Followers Get Redemption?


Meditation Series

We Know We Should Meditate (And an overview of five different techniques)

Meditation in Minutes

One Simple Trick to Meditation

How Meditation Helps Us Deal with Stress Later

Can Meditation Change Your Brain?

Meditation and Me


Addressing Criticisms of Hinduism

The Caste System

Why Ritual Matters

Idol Worship

False Godmen

Sati (widow burning)


Some great videos addressing other criticisms and questions that come up (ISKCON based) Questions & Answers based on PK movie by Chaitanya Charan Das


Also check out my little ebook for newcomers, which offers advice on how to find a hindu community: