Create A Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity – Wrapping Up? LAST POST!! Muuuuuuuhhahah!

Create A Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity – Wrapping Up? LAST POST!! Muuuuuuuhhahah! May 4, 2020

Screencap from YouTube video on proper wrapping techniques. Debi does not understand wrapping it up either.

“Wrap, rap, it’s the hangover rap, do the bus stop here, do the bus stop there?”

Sorry, fallen right into an early parody of rap music reading Debi Pearls’s words on wrapping up your “Nollllledge” from her book “Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity” This chapter is titled “Now You Know” and it seems geared towards wrapping this whole confusing mish mash up. It’s not the last chapter, it’s the penultimate chapter. Not sure why Debi is rehashing in the second to last chapter. Last week’s review is here.

But I really cannot tell you for sure what this chapter is. It claims to be a wrap up, it starts by talking of baby girl masturbation. Debi claims to be ultra puzzled by her friend’s masturbating baby problem because  it was long ago and …

“..since the advent of vibrating toys and, of course, since porn has become so rampant…”

Dear Debi, newsflash! Masturbating children predates a lot of things, not just the two you mentioned.  While obsessive masturbation in children can indicate that the child has been sexually abused it’s really not all that uncommon. It does not mean the child was molested at all. You touch something, it feels good and there you go. Here was what a doctor from the American Academy of Pediatrics had to say about it:

“Occasional masturbation is a normal behavior of many toddlers and preschoolers.”

But of course since this is Debi’s book with Debi’s wacked out ideas of constant bands of sicko perverts preying on children she says the baby was molested. The mom calls her in tears to confess she let a nice young man babysit alone with the child.

Here’s exactly what you are NOT supposed to do when confronted with a masturbating child according to experts.

“Will masturbation cause problems later in life?

Masturbation does not cause any physical injury or harm to the body. It is not abnormal or excessive unless it is deliberately done in public places after age 5 or 6. It does not mean your child will be oversexed, promiscuous, or sexually deviant. Only if adults overreact to a child’s masturbation and make it seem dirty or wicked will it cause emotional harm, such as guilt and sexual hangups”

But yet again this is Debi’s stupid book told from her warped ideas so guess what happened to the masturbating baby?

“…though she came from a very conservative background, her manner and style of dress and stance were overtly sexual—awkwardly so.”

Debi never explains exactly what she means here. It could be that this gal showed knees and elbows and that alone would be considered ‘overtly sexual’ in her corner of Tennessee instead of ‘normal’ like everywhere else. When I first started reading this I was afraid that Debi would place her working in a donkey show in Tijuana instead of this mild criticism of dress styles. Some enormously degrading thing that Debi dreamed up, but we are spared that.

Then Debi leapfrogs over to an odd married couple they allowed to live on their property and this conversation that happened when picking vegetables one day. Debi asks the perfectly reasonable question as to why the homeschooling conservative parents of the bride allowed her to marry a man she just met at 16 years old.

She just shrugged her shoulders and said matter-of-factly,”My dad wanted me gone because he was afraid I would burn the house down and kill all the kids”

Whoa! Debi did say she thought the girl was intense and that she didn’t know jack about mental disorders. I wonder why they didn’t think to do a little snooping and a few phone calls about their prospective tenants?  Most people with rental income will check some bona-fides. It comes out that this gal has been quite the little firebug, burning down places she’d lived, barns and houses,  for the dumbest reason I have heard in a while.

“I didn’t like to think about other kids playing in my barn. It was my special place, so when we moved, I just burned it down. “

Debi goes on to mention that they immediately removed this duo from the trailer, and that they half expected her to burn down the mobile home. You think? Her point? People are abused, misused, mentally ill, etc, world without end.

She bemoans how everyone wants to blame everyone else for their mental quirks and how trendy it has become to have a therapist. Then we land upon Debi babbling about various doctors and their healing the gut health better treating all  this mental unbalance than any amount of drugs or talk therapy.

And then we land on the Harvard Happiness Study. She falsely boils the entire 80 year plus study to being happier were the ones who were grateful and thankful. That their mental attitude of “Happy” created the happiness. Not the quite entire thing to be gleaned from the research. The answer was much more complex than that and involved being in a community and embracing that community as a large part of the equation.

Debi says all of her confused gobblety gook here means you must chose to be happy.  Dear Debi, I chose to raise my middle finger to you right now, and am happy there is but one chapter left that I am not covering. It’s a mere two pages insisting you know all you need to know now about the brain, not even worth covering. SO I AM DONE! The sooner I get this detritus off my Kindle and get back to current reads “Running For Judge” by Tim Fall and “Stalling For Time” by Greg Noesner the happier I will personally be. I wish I could scrub this crap out of my brain. I wasted time and money on this codswallop.

Running away from this book at top speed.

Saturday starts us off looking at Lori Alexander’s bible study book. I need to stock up on tequila for that one.

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