Navratri 2017

Navratri 2017 September 12, 2017

The Hindu holiday of Navratri (the fall one) is coming up fast! This is probably my favorite festival of the year. I particularly like the golu “doll” displays that are created in South India.

This year Navratri begins on Thursday September 21st and ends Friday September 29th.

How To Celebrate Navratri 

This year I think my theme will be Star Wars. Garrick Ravi is still a little young to enjoy and understand but I’m really looking forward to when he can participate and help me build a golu display.

Navratri Golu Theme Ideas

Remember you can use a 3d printer too to get items for your display.

3D Print Murti

A couple years ago I got a set of Marapachi Golu dolls, the traditional toppers to a golu display. Here is a video of me unboxing them!

This year I’m going to invite my friend Anu and my cousin and her family to come and visit my display. Perhaps I’ll even invite my mom group friends!

golu five

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