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American Buddhist Perspective

An Update from Buddhists working on the ground in Nepal

The situation in Nepal is still desperate. Aid and relief efforts have reached Kathmandu, though more is still needed there and many isolated villages still have seen no supplies or medical help. The Government is ill-prepared for such a disaster and is known for corruption. And while the first reaction of many is to turn to international [Read More...]

My Journey of Conscience

Dear Emily, My Great-Grand Niece

I have no children of my own, so any descendants of my sister will be my closest relatives in the distant future. My nephew and niece are 10 and 12 years old right now; if they have children about age 30, my grandnieces or grandnephews will be born around 2035; if they in turn have children [Read More...]

Monkey Mind

Why I Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, And Maybe Why You Might Want to, As well

I do love Cinco de Mayo. What a lot of folk may not know is how it is a quintessential American holiday. And by American I don’t mean that broader use standing for all of us who occupy the two continents bearing that name, I mean United Statesian. Yes, it is observed in parts of [Read More...]

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