Is the Coronavirus Graph “Curve” Flattening in the US?

Is the Coronavirus Graph “Curve” Flattening in the US? March 24, 2020

+ My Outlook During This Coronavirus Crisis

I have been tracking the total number of US deaths (not new reported cases) every day, from the CSSE / JHU site. I noticed a downward trend today. I’ve checked it in the morning for four straight days now (and I checked on 3-20-20, too, but I’m not sure if it was the morning figure) and here are the statistics:

3-20-20 205

3-21-20 260 (+ 55?)

3-22-20 340 (+ 80)

3-23-20 471 (+ 131)

3-24-20 591 (+ 120)

See how the net gain went down today? It’s still an increase, but less of an increase compared to yesterday. So we may already be at peak, and start to see the curve on the graph go down. It happened even in China and Italy, so it was inevitably going to happen here, too. The only question was “when?”

It could be temporary, of course. The next few days will verify for sure whether it is an undeniable downward trend. But any good news in this dire situation is welcome and encouraging news, so let’s remain hopeful that the light at the end of the tunnel may be sooner rather than later.


My Outlook During This Coronavirus Crisis

[written yesterday on my Facebook page]


I will continue to be optimistic, faithful, hopeful, humorous, always grounded in Holy Scripture and the Holy Catholic Church and apostolic Tradition; seeking to put things in worldwide and historical perspective; while always seeking to be realistic about the true issues and dangers we are facing.

I will not be pessimistic, grumbling and complaining, running down Holy Mother Church or the Holy Father or bishops or priests (or local or national governments).

I will not be paranoid, hysterical, gossipy, apocalyptic, fanatical, or conspiratorial.

I will continue to present facts, as best they can be ascertained: including more “bright” forecasts in the scheme of things. Prediction is, by nature, an imperfect process, but the ones who have sunnier predictions have just as much “right” to make them (if they provide reasons) as the naysayers and temperamentally doom-and-gloomers. Don’t be fooled by the “100% of scientists think . . . ” routine and canard.

I will call out the reactionaries in particular who are trying to exploit the crisis for their own ends: whether it is yet more (endless) bashing of popes and bishops, or absurd speculations about God’s judgment, or (as I saw today), claims that bishops go against canon law in observing obviously necessary quarantine measures.

I will continue to do my writing and apologetics, as I always have (my life hasn’t changed that much): bringing you relevant material at no cost (though all donations are always appreciated).


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Photo credit: Mediamodifier (1-13-18) [PixabayPixabay License]


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