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Following Ruth

Conversion Conversations: Antisemitism and the Conversion Process

One of the absolutely most terrifying first steps to take as a prospective convert is to contact a Rabbi. To me it was worse than cold calling, because unlike potential clients, there aren’t thousands of other rabbis in your area. In my current living situation, there is only one synagogue in my local area (< 1 [Read More...]

Open Table Judaism

Belonging – On What Terms?

From time to time, I read Jewish online magazines. There are several good one’s out there –, Tablet Magazine, Moment, and Mosaic – to mention just a few. I wish these magazines would talk more about theology, but alas. A few days ago, I went to Mosaic online magazine and an article about Jews [Read More...]

The Politics of Hope

The German Church and the Palestinian Call: A Church Challenged, Part 1

I am spending two weeks in Germany, speaking in 10 German cities at the invitation of local church-linked and human rights groups about the struggle for justice for Palestine. Here's my first report.


Pope Francis, a Rabbi, Mercy, and Rosh Hashanah

I am a grateful Jew who simply wants to thank Pope Francis for reminding me about the power of mercy, at just the right time in my own ritual calendar.

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Sacred Bodies of Water