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Writing from the Edge

The Topsy-Turvy World of the Israel Gaza Conflict: First Thoughts on the U.N.'s Report

Last summer’s ‘conflict’ was not a showdown between great armies facing each other on the battlefield as military equals. The battle between Israel and Gaza is the ultimate in asymmetric (topsy-turvy) warfare.

The Politics of Hope

The German Church and the Palestinian Call: A Church Challenged, Part 1

I am spending two weeks in Germany, speaking in 10 German cities at the invitation of local church-linked and human rights groups about the struggle for justice for Palestine. Here's my first report.

The Politics of Hope

The Politics of Hope: One Jew's Journey from Philadelphia to Palestine, and Back

As a young boy growing up in the U.S., I treasured the miracle of the new State of Israel. It represented the end of our history of insecurity and suffering; my religious faith was completely bound up with this new political reality. Was not God surely at work here, fulfilling the promises made so long ago?

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