Pope Francis Defended: Resources for Confused or Troubled Folks

Pope Francis Defended: Resources for Confused or Troubled Folks July 8, 2015
Pope Francis, 8-17-14 in South Korea [Wikimedia CommonsCreative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license]

I wrote on 9-20-13:

For all of you out there worried about the pope. Relax; chill. All is well. We have a pope who says the unexpected: a lot like Jesus. And, like Jesus, those who don’t get it and are outside looking in, will misunderstand, and those who are in the fold will grasp what is being said, in the context of historic Catholic teaching, if they look closely enough and don’t get hoodwinked by silly media wishful thinking.

Those who are outside often hear only what they want to hear (God loves everyone, even sinners!!!) and not what they need to hear (stop sinning; stop this sin . . .).

I wrote in a letter to a friend:

It’s the same old dumb misunderstandings: media misreports what the pope said; never understand what he means in context, and in context with past teachings. Don’t fall into their trap! Pope Francis is a good Catholic; nothing to be alarmed about at all. The world wants Christians to renounce their teachings. We’re the guys who have never done so. We keep the same moral teaching that the Church had from the beginning: no abortion, no divorce, no contraception, no same-sex “marriages,” etc. Virtually no one else has done so! So the attack is against us to change traditional morality, and we will never do that.


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7. Canon Lawyer Pete Vere on the Pope Francis Foot-Washing Controversy (Dave Armstrong’s Facebook page, 3-30-13) 

8. Radical Catholic Reactionary Super-Site Rorate Caeli‘s “Cherished Friend” and Featured Pope-Basher, Marcelo González, is a Holocaust Revisionist (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 4-8-13)

9. Pope Francis and lying to save life  (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 5-15-13)

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26. What should we make of Pope Francis bowing when greeting people?  (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 8-30-13)

27. Is Pope Francis about to eliminate celibacy? (9 things to know and share) (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 9-12-13) 

28. What Pope Francis really said about atheists (Stephen Kokx, Catholic Vote, 9-13-13)

29. Did Pope Francis say atheists don’t need to believe in God to be saved? (9 things to know) (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 9-15-13)

30. Pope Francis Focuses on the Bigger Picture With New Interview (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register,  9-20-13)

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45. A Big Heart Open to God: The exclusive [complete] interview with Pope Francis (Antonio Spadaro, S. J., America, 9-30-13)

46. Did Pope Francis just say that evangelization is “nonsense”? 8 things to know and share  (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 10-1-13)

48. Is Pope Francis about to “rip up” the Vatican constitution? 12 things to know and share (Jimmy Akin,  National Catholic Register, 10-2-13)

49. The Pope’s Pro-Life Declaration “in Context”  (Dr. William Oddie, Crisis, 10-3-13)

50. Random Thoughts on Rush Limbaugh’s Comments on the Pope’s Alleged “Marxism” (Dave Armstrong, Facebook, 5 Dec. 2013)

53. Pope Francis’s new letter to homosexual Catholics (9 things to know and share)  (Jimmy Akin,  National Catholic Register, 10-11-13)

54. Is Pope Francis going to let the divorced and remarried receive Communion?  (Jimmy Akin,  National Catholic Register, 10-22-13)

56. Papal Style: Caring for Souls while Leaving Doctrinal Exposition to Others (Dr. William Oddie , Crisis, 11-19-13)

58. Pope’s words in interview may not have been his own, Scalfari says (Andrea Gagliarducci, Catholic News Agency,  11-21-13)

59. Only Fools RUSH in Where Angels Fear to Tread: Limbaugh Excoriates Pope Francis Unfairly (Fr. John Trigilio, 11-30-13)

60. Would Someone Just Shut That Pope Up? (Patrick J. Deneen, The American Conservative, 12-5-13; mostly about economics)

63. Pope Francis addresses Marxism charges, women cardinals in La Stampa interview (Catherine Harmon, The Catholic World Report, 12-15-13)

64. Pope Francis takes on allegations and rumors about his papacy: 9 things to know and share  (Jimmy Akin,  National Catholic Register, 12-15-13)

65. Pope Benedict Defends Francis on Markets and Ethics (Andrew M. Haines, 12-16-13, Ethika Politika)

66. Pope Francis on the “parable” of the loaves and fishes: 11 things to know and share  (Jimmy Akin,  National Catholic Register, 1-1-14)

67. Don’t fall for this Pope Francis hoax: 5 things to know and share (Jimmy Akin,  National Catholic Register, 1-2-14)

68. Dialogue: Has Pope Francis Changed the Constant Catholic Prohibition of Contraception? (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-2-14)

69. What did Pope Francis say about the children of homosexual couples? 8 things to know and share  (Jimmy Akin,  National Catholic Register, 1-4-14)

70. Does Francis Really Have a Marxism Problem? (David Byrne, Crisis Magazine, 1-10-14)

71. Did Pope Francis baptize a baby whose parents aren’t married? 12 things to know and share (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 1-12-14)

72. “Those who are willing to understand Pope Francis, can and will do so. Those who aren’t willing, won’t, and possibly can’t as well.” (Dave Armstrong, Facebook, 1-18-14)

75. Il Papa’s Not a Rollin’ Stone  (Christopher Manion, Crisis Magazine, 2-3-14)

76. The War on Pope Francis (M. Anthony Mills, Real Clear Religion, 2-3-14) [economics issues]

78. Quotes from Pope Francis [great website that notes the massive distortions and spin taking place about the pope; added on 2-8-14]

79. Judge Not (Tim Staples, Catholic Answers, 2-14-14) [Same-sex couples and homosexuality]

81. Does Pope Francis Think that Jesus was Literally a Sinner in a Sense Beyond Bearing Our Sins on the Cross (Partaking / Entering Into Sin)? (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 2-27-14)

82. “The New Gnosticism”: The Outrage of Checking Translations of Papal Homilies (+ Elliot Bougis’ Claims that Pope Francis is Heretical / Modernist / Liberal, or Reasonable Facsimile Thereof (Dave Armstrong, Facebook, 2-28-14) 

83. Did Pope Francis just diss apologists? 9 things to know and share (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 3-9-14)

84. Francis and Traditionalist Catholics (Alberto Carosa, The Catholic World Report,  3-12-14)

85. The Media’s Fictional Francis (John Paul Shimek, The Catholic World Report, 3-13-14)

87. Did Pope Francis tell a divorced and civilly remarried woman she could receive Holy Communion? (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 4-23-14)

88. Vatican responds to Francis’ call to Argentinian woman; more details emerge (Catherine Harmon, The Catholic World Report, 4-24-14)

89. Pope Francis: Zacchaeus and “legitimate redistribution” (Ed Morrissey, Hot Air, 5-9-14)

90. Breaking: Pope Francis is not an anarcho-capitalist (David Freddoso, Conservative Intelligence Briefing, 5-9-14)

91. Totally Missing the Pope Francis Story, Yet Again (Kathryn Jean Lopez , National Review Online, 5-9-14)

92. Reply to the Ridiculous Bum Rap that I (and Many Apologists) are “Ultramontanists” Who are Special Pleading and Defending the Pope No Matter What (as if his favorite color or ice cream were infallible, binding decrees) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 5-12-14)

96. Reply to a Critique of My Book, Pope Francis Explained, by Dr. Phil Blosser (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 8-24-14)

97. No scandal here: How the 20 couples married by Pope Francis were legit (Kevin Jones and Ann Schneible, Catholic News Agency, 9-15-14)

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106. Exchange on Pope Francis and the Church (Dave Armstrong vs. Tony Jokin; Facebook, 12-17-14)

107. Documentation: Pope Francis is Orthodox, Pro-Tradition and Against Modernism (Dan Marcum, Catholic Answers Forum, 1-9-15)

108. Are We Called to be Hated by the World? Pope Francis and the Problem of Likeability (John Clark, Seton Magazine, 1-15-15)

109. The predictable provocations of the Pope of Rome [“Rabbits” controversy] (Deacon Scott Dodge, 1-19-15)

111. Pope Francis and Catholic Rabbits–5 Points to Consider (Dr. Greg Popcak, Faith on the Couch, 1-20-15)

113. Feeling Devastated by What Pope Francis Says? Try These 3 Helpful Keys (Thomas Peters, Catholic Vote.org,  1-21-15)

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115. Pope Francis and Catholics Reproducing Like “Rabbits” (+ Facebook discussion) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-21-15)

117. Jeremiad on Stupefied Anti-Francis Mentalities (Dave Armstrong & Paul Hoffer, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-22-15)

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120. Pope Francis Shocks Liberals on Same-Sex “Marriage” (Paul Kengor, Crisis Magazine, 1-23-15)

121. “Irresponsible” Pope Francis? (Woman Who Had Seven C-Sections) 
(Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-23-15) 

123. Pope Francis surprised by misunderstanding of his words on family  (Catholic News Agency, 1-24-15)

124. When Pope Francis rips ‘proselytism,’ who’s he talking about? He really may not be talking about, or to, Catholics at all (John L. Allen, Jr., Crux, 1-27-15)
127. Is the Left’s Honeymoon with Pope Francis Finally Over? (Paul Kengor, Crisis Magazine, 2-17-15)

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136. Pope Francis: An Agenda Behind his Back? (Andrea Gagliarducci, MondayVatican, 2-23-15)

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157. Pope: marriage between man and woman, no to gender ideology (News.Va: Official Vatican Network, 6-8-15)

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159. Draft of Environmental Encyclical Leaked! 12 Things to Know and Share (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 6-15-15)

161. Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato si: A Beautiful and Profoundly Wise Statement of Christian Environmentalism and Theology of Creation (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 6-18-15)

162. Critique of Chris Ferrara’s Radical Reactionary Hit-Piece in Opposition to Pope Francis’ Christian Environmentalism (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 6-20-15)

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164. Fear Not, Faithful Catholics (Paul Kengor, Crisis Magazine, 6-25-15)

165. Pope Francis’s Puzzling Comments on Guns and War: The Clue to Understanding Laudato Si’ (Jennfer Fitz, Sticking the Corners, 6-22-15) 

166. Pope Francis Has Single-Handedly Destroyed Catholicism (JoAnna Wahlund, Catholic Stand, 9-18-13)

167. Pope Francis has single-handedly destroyed Catholicism Again (JoAnna Wahlund, Catholic Stand, 6-25-15)

168. A Prophetic Pope and the Tradition of Catholic Social Teaching (Fr. Robert Barron, Patheos, 7-14-15)

169. Pope Francis on Weapons: 12 things to know and share (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 6-27-15)

170. An Extraordinary turn of events [Pope Francis and “traditionalism”] (Joseph Shaw, Catholic Herald, 7-9-15)

171. Pope Francis Against the World (Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig, New Republic, 7-30-15)
172. The Pope on Immigration: The Real Story (Tom Trinko, American Thinker, 8-17-15)
176. George Will’s Puerile Tantrum over Pope Francis (Paul E. Gottfried, Crisis Magazine, 9-25-15)
177. Is Pope Francis Really a Liberal? (Glen A. Sproviero, The Imaginative Conservative, 9-23-15)
178. Pope Francis on Intercommunion with Lutherans (Jimmy Akin, JimmyAkin.com, Nov. 2015)
180. The other side of the Francis effect: Hypersensitivity and hysteria? (Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture,  12-1-15)
182. The Ridiculous “Anti-Francis” Mentality: My Theory in Brief (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 12-7-15)

184. Pope Francis Espoused a Sinning Jesus? Think Again (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-8-16)

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186. Pope, Trump, and Immigration (Bill Donohue / Catholic League, 2-18-16)

187. Vatican: Pope Francis’ Comments About Donald Trump Not ‘Personal Attack or Instruction on How to Vote’ (Thomas D. Williams, Breitbart, 2-19-16)

189. Pope Francis Speaks on Hot-Button Issues: 9 Things to Know and Share (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 2-19-16)

190. On the Endless Second-Guessing of Pope Francis (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 2-25-16)

192. Francis, Contraception, and the Zika Virus (Fr. Timothy V. Vaverek, The Catholic Thing, 2-25-16)

194. Douthat’s Flawed Critique of “Conservative” Catholicism (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 3-2-16)

196. Pope Francis Foot-Washing Controversy Redux  (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 3-26-16)

197. UK’s Mirror Incompetently Botches Easter Pope Story  (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 3-17-16)

198. Amoris Laetitia: Pope Francis’ “1968 Moment” (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 4-8-16)

199. Pope Francis’s New Document on Marriage: 12 Things to Know and Share (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 4-8-16)

200. Pope Francis Shatters Reformers’ Dreams with ‘Modern Family’ Document (Thomas D. Williams, Breitbart, 4-8-16) 

201. Interpreting Amoris Laetitia ‘through the lens of Catholic tradition’ (Andrea Gagliarducci, Catholic News Agency, 4-8-16)

202. First Thoughts on “Amoris Laetitia” (Bishop Robert Barron, Aleteia, 4-8-16)

203. “True Innovations but Not Ruptures”: Cardinal Christoph Schönborn Presents “Amoris Laetitia” (Diane Montagna, Aleteia, 4-8-16)

204. Pope Affirms Traditional Marriage (Bill Donohue, Newsmax, 4-8-16)

207. Defenses of Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 4-9-16)

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211. Francis has delivered an eloquent defence of the Catholic vision of marriage (Ed Condon, Catholic Herald, 4-8-16)

212. Pope Francis’s revolution has been cancelled (Damian Thompson, The Spectator, 4-8-16)

214. Amoris Laetitia: What Does Pope Francis Want Us to Do? (Jim Russell, One Faith, 4-13-16)

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236. Cardinal Müller: Magisterium on Remarried Divorcees Unchanged by Amoris Laetitia [cites precedent in both Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI] (Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register, 5-4-16)

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260. Pope okays Argentine doc on Communion for divorced and remarried (Inés San Martín, Crux, 9-12-16)

261. What Pope Francis said about Communion for the divorced-and-remarried (Catholic News Agency, 9-13-16)

262. Interpretations of Pope Francis’ Application of Amoris Laetitia with Regard to Extraordinarily Difficult Domestic Situations (Dave Armstrong: my comments in my lengthy Facebook thread, 9-14-16)

263. Not heretical: Pope Francis’ approval of the Argentine bishops’ policy on invalid marriages (Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture, 9-15-16)

264. How Pope Francis’ ‘new joy’ surprised Benedict XVI (Catholic News Agency, 9-12-16) [“Pope emeritus Benedict XVI has said he is satisfied with the papacy of Pope Francis . . . he sees ‘no breach anywhere’ between his pontificate and that of his successor. ‘New accents yes, but no contradictions,’ . . .”]

265. Pope Francis on “Proselytism” (Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers blog, 10-21-13)

266. Pope Francis Condemns Evangelism? Absolutely Not! (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 10-17-16)

267. Cardinal Schönborn: Pope Francis follows John Paul II’s teaching on communion (Catholic Herald, 4-8-16)

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285. Does Amoris Laetitia 303 Really Undermine Catholic Moral Teaching? (Robert Fastiggi & Dawn Eden Goldstein, La Stampa / Vatican Insider, 9-26-17)

287. The document against the Pope’s “heresies”: it happened to Wojtyla too (Andrea Tornielli, La Stampa / Vatican Insider, 9-27-17)

289. ‘Filial correction’ of pope marked by glaring hypocrisy, risible accusations (Stephen Walford, National Catholic Reporter, 9-28-17)

290. Radical Reactionary Affinities in “Filial Correction” Signatories (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 9-28-17)

291. Cardinal Müller Speaks Out on ‘Amoris Laetitia,’ the Dubia and the Vatican [see highlighted passages about desired replies from the pope, and the need for dialogue, on Facebook] (Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register, 9-28-17)

292. I Hope the Pope Will Provide Some Much-Needed Clarity (Dave Armstrong, National Catholic Register, 9-30-17)

295. Reactionary Influence: Correctio & June 2016 Criticism of the Pope (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 10-3-17; expanded on 1-24-18)

296. Dr. Robert Fastiggi Defends Amoris Laetitia Against Critics (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 10-3-17)

297. Defending Pope Francis (Amoris Laetitia) [+ Part Two] (Tim Staples, unknown date)

298. Donum Veritatis illegitimatizes the Filial Correction (Emmet O’Regan, La Stampa / Vatican Insider, 10-3-17) [see related articles #248 and #300]

300. Critics of Amoris laetitia ignore Ratzinger’s rules for faithful theological discourse (Robert Fastiggi & Dawn Eden Goldstein,  La Stampa / Vatican Insider, 10-4-17)

302. “The correctio? The method is incorrect: they do not discuss, they condemn” [Dr. Rocco Buttiglione] (Andrea Tornielli, La Stampa / Vatican Insider, 10-5-17)

304. Dr. Fastiggi & Dr. Goldstein Debate Dr. Shaw Regarding Pope Francis (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 10-9-17)

305. Dr. Joseph Shaw Apes “Reformers” (“Ambiguous” Catholic Documents) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 10-11-17)

306. Dr. Fastiggi Replies to Dr. Brugger Regarding Amoris Laetitia (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 10-12-17)

307. Dr. Fastiggi’s “Exchange” with Correctio Signatory Chris Ferrara (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 10-12-17)

309. Recent Comments of Pope Francis Should Help to Quiet Papal Critics (Robert Fastiggi, La StampaVatican Insider, 11-28-17)

310. Pastoral Charity is the Key to Pope Francis’s Endorsement of the Buenos Aires Bishops’ Document (Robert Fastiggi, La Stampa / Vatican Insider, 11-28-17)

311. No, Pope Francis Is Not Changing the Lord’s Prayer (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 12-11-17)

312. The Heretical Pope Fallacy (Emmet O’Regan, La Stampa / Vatican Insider, 11-12-17)

313. “The approach a Pope takes is not what destroys the Church” (Andrés Beltramo Álvarez, La Stampa / Vatican Insider, 12-23-17)

314. On Rebuking Popes & Catholic Obedience to Popes  (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 12-27-17)

315. Quasi-Defectibility and Phil Lawler vs. Pope Francis (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 12-28-17)

316. Dialogues with Karl Keating & Phil Lawler on Pope Francis (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 12-29-17)

317. Dialogues with Karl Keating Regarding Pope Francis (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 12-29-17)

318. Lawler vs. Pope Francis #1: Critique of Introduction (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-1-18)

319. Lawler vs. Pope Francis #2: Homosexuality & “Judging” (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-2-18)

320. Lawler vs. Pope Francis #3: The Pope Annihilated Hell? (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-2-18)

321. Lawler vs. Pope Francis #4: Communion / Buenos Aires Letter (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-3-18)

322. Lawler vs. Pope Francis #5: Jerusalem Council vs. “Ideology” (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-3-18)

323. Vatican “Awards” for Abortion Activists? (Facebook discussion, featuring Paul Hoffer, 1-18-18)

324. Canon Law, Pope Francis, and Airplane Weddings [+ Part Two] (Pete Vere, Facebook, 1-19-18)

325. Pope Francis explains why he celebrated the airborne marriage of two flight attendants [+ Facebook discussion] (Nicole Winfield, America, 1-22-18)

326. Pope Francis, Cardinal Newman, & Fresh (Orthodox) Presentations (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-29-18)

327. Pope Francis: Pro-Marriage & Contra “Marital Skepticism” (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-29-18)

328. Striking God’s Anointed One (Mark Mallett, The Now Word, 1-18-18)

329. Articles on Pope Francis and Sex Abuse Scandals in Chile (one / two / three / four / five) (2-18-18)

330. Development or Corruption? (Gerhard Cardinal Müller, First Things, 2-20-18)

331. Phil Lawler’s Lost Shepherd: My One-Star Amazon Review (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 2-26-18)

332. Responding to the Five Dubia from Amoris Laetitia Itself (Dr. Robert Fastiggi, Vatican Insider / La Stampa3-9-18)

333. Dialogue: Sharp Inquiring Protestant vs. Pope-Bashing Catholic (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 3-6-18)

334. Dialogues w Critics & Disparagers of Pope Francis (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 3-6-18) 

335. Reply to Stephen Phalen Re Phil Lawler’s Lost Shepherd  (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 3-10-18)

336. Ratzinger, “Francis with no theological formation? A foolish prejudice” (Andrea Tornielli, La Stampa / Vatican Insider, 3-12-18)

337. Illogic & Silliness Re Benedict-Francis “Blurring” Incident (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 3-17-18) 
338. Reactionaries Begin Savage Attacks on Pope Benedict (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 3-17-18) 
339. Douthat’s Francis book is poorly sourced, inadequate journalism (Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter, 3-21-18)
340. Douthat’s To Change the Church: Mini-Debate w Karl Keating (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 3-24-18)
341. Henry Sire of Dictator Pope Infamy: Reactionary Extremist (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism3-27-18)
342. Pope Francis, Hell, Phil Lawler, Lies, Damned Lies, . . . (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism3-30-18)
343. Reactionary Chris Ferrara’s Lies Re Pope Francis & Hell (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism3-31-18)
344. Lame Reactionary Anti-Francis “No Hell” Argument (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 4-2-18)
345. Papal Ring-Kissing, Gossip, & Pharisaical Nitpicking (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 3-29-19)
346. On Charging a Pope with Heresy (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 5-2-19)
347.  Some Clarifications Regarding the Open Letter (Jimmy Akin, JimmyAkin.com, 5-3-19)
348.  A Response to Peter Kwasniewski (Jimmy Akin, JimmyAkin.com, 5-4-19)
349.  A Second Response to Peter Kwasniewski (Jimmy Akin, JimmyAkin.com, 5-5-19)
350. Reactionary Signees of Easter “Heresy” Letter (13 of 19) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 5-6-19)
351. Papal Critics Concede: No Proof of Canonical Papal Heresy (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 5-10-19)
353. Pope Francis On . . .[31 different issues] (Mark Mallett, The Now Word, 4-24-18)
354. Dr. Echeverria: Francis Wants Development, Not Revolution (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 5-28-19)
355. Taylor Marshall’s Whopper: Pope Francis Denies Hellfire? (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 6-7-19)
356. Taylor Marshall Lies About Pope Francis & Divorce (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 6-8-19)
357. Pope Francis: Our Father Should Say “Abandon Us Not When in Temptation” (Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC, Through Catholic Lenses, 12-11-18)
360Does Pope Francis Deny the Catholic Doctrine of Merit? No (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 7-1-19)
361. Pope Francis & Transubstantiation (vs. Sedevacantists) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 7-2-19)
362. The Politically Incorrect Francis—14 Shocking Statements (Paul Kengor, Crisis Magazine, 3-22-19)
363. Cardinal Sarah: To oppose the pope is to be outside the church (Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service, 10-9-19)
364. Clarity is Next to Godliness[atheist mythicist Scalfari claimed that Pope Francis denied Jesus’ divinity . . .] (Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers Magazine, 10-10-19) 
365. Paganism in the Vatican? Hermeneutic of suspicion at its peak (Dr. Pedro Gabriel, Where Peter Is, 10-16-19) 
366. Our Lady of the Amazon, Pray for Us (Dr. Pedro Gabriel, Where Peter Is, 10-16-19) 
367. Our Lady of the Amazon: solving the contradictions (Dr. Pedro Gabriel, Where Peter Is, 10-26-19) 

368. Pachamama, Celibacy, and the Amazonian Synod (Trent Horn, Catholic Answers, 10-23-19; audio with transcript)

369. Synod offers cautious support for married priests, study of women deacons (Inés San Martín and Christopher White, Crux, 10-26-19)
371. Just the Facts: the Amazon Synod (Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers, 10-29-19)
372. What Did Pope Francis Really Say About Married Priests? (Fr. Charles Grondin, Catholic Answers, c. 10-30-19)
373. “Pachamama” [?] Statues: Marian Veneration or Blasphemous Idolatry? (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 11-5-19)
377. “Pachamama” Fiasco: Hysterical Reactionaryism, as Usual (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 11-8-19)
379. Pachamama: Is It A Gotcha Mama for Enemies of Pope Francis? (“Catholic in Brooklyn”, 11-6-19)
380. “Pachamama” Confusion: Fault of Vatican or Catholic Media? (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 11-12-19)
381. Anti-“Pachamama” Doc: “Usual Suspect” Reactionaries Sign (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 11-14-19)
382. Vatican II –> Alleged “Pachamama” Idolatry, Sez Fanatics (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 11-15-19)
383. Pachamama – the missing piece of the puzzle (Dr. Pedro Gabriel, Where Peter Is, 11-10-19)
384. The Pachamama Primer (Dom Cornelius, Abbaye de Saint-Cyran, 10-27-19)
385. Conservatism and Fideism: My answer to Ross Douthat (Dr. Pedro Gabriel, Where Peter Is, 11-13-19)
386. Bishops Viganò & Schneider Reject Authority of Vatican II (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 11-22-19)
387. Viganò, Schneider, Pachamama, & VCII (vs. Janet E. Smith) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 11-25-19)
388. Is Pope Francis Against Apologetics & Defending the Faith? (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 11-26-19)
389. “Confusing” Pope Francis & Ignorant, Lazy Lay Catholics (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 11-27-19)
390. Pope Benedict’s Enthusiastic Approval of Pope Francis (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 11-27-19)
393. St. John Paul II: ‘Respect for life extends to the rest of creation’[Pope Francis was not the first to address environmentalism and ecology] (Deacon Greg Kandra, The Deacon’s Bench, 11-18-19)
395. Debate: Pope Francis on Doctrine, Truth, & Evangelizing (vs. Dr. Eduardo Echeverria) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 12-16-19)
396. It was clearly idolatry! [“Pachamama” controversy] (Dr. Pedro Gabriel, Where Peter Is, 12-1-19)
397. Fr. Pacwa and divine signs [“Pachamama” controversy] (Dr. Pedro Gabriel, Where Peter Is, 12-16-19)
398. Is “Mother Earth” a Catholic Concept (Church Fathers)? (guest post by Rosemarie Scott, at Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 12-17-19)
399. “Pachamama” Redux (vs. Peter Kwasniewski & Janet Smith) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 12-17-19)
401. Our Lady of the Amazon – 2018 Video Footage Emerges (Dr. Pedro Gabriel, Where Peter Is, 10-17-19)
402. Pope Francis’ Deep Devotion to Mary (Esp. Mary Mediatrix) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 12-23-19)
403. Dialogue: “Pachamama” (?) Statues & Marian Iconography (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 12-24-19)
404. Pope Francis and Mary Co-Redemptrix (Robert Fastiggi, Where Peter Is, 12-27-19)
405. Pope Francis’ Emphasis on Criticizing Reactionaries (A Theory) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 12-30-19)
406. Francis: Evangelize by Example, not Pushing Your Faith on Others (Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, Through Catholic Lenses, 12-23-19)
407. Pope Francis’ Slap & Loss of Temper (Close Examination) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-2-20)
408. My Critiques of Lawler’s Lost Shepherd / Exchanges w Karl Keating (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-7-18)
409. On yanking and slapping hands (Dr. Pedro Gabriel, Where Peter Is, 1-1-20)
410. On the Church in China (Mike Lewis, Where Peter Is, 2-13-18)
411. Perspective on the China/Vatican deal (Mike Lewis, Where Peter Is, 9-30-18)
412. China’s “other” cardinal (Mike Lewis, Where Peter Is, 3-18-19)
413. Dialogue: Pope Francis vs. Gospel Preaching & Converts? No! (vs. Eric Giunta) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-3-20)
414. The infallibly erring Pope (Dr. Pedro Gabriel, Where Peter Is, 1-3-20)
416. Cardinal Burke’s Contradictory and Tenuous Position(Mike Lewis, Where Peter Is, 1-6-20)
417. Pope Francis: Strong Defender of Priestly Celibacy (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-14-20)
418. Pope Benedict Eschews Co-Authorship; Ignatius Says “No!” (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-14-20)
419. Benedict kept his word (Mike Lewis, Where Peter Is, 1-14-20)
420. Pope Francis and the coredemptive role of Mary, the “Woman of salvation” (Mark Miravalle & Robert Fastiggi, La Stampa, 1-8-20)
421. Making things right [hand-slapping incident: see #407, 409] (Dr. Pedro Gabriel, Where Peter Is, 2-5-20)
422. 8 Questions (and Answers) About the Pope’s New Document [Querida Amazonia] (Jimmy Akin, National Catholic Register, 2-12-20)
338. [lower number due to revision of list on 2-20-20]. Pope’s Querida Amazonia: Reactionaries Step in it Again (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 2-13-20] 
339. Deaconesses: Examination of Biblical & Patristic Data (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 5-12-16) 
341. Dr. Fastiggi: Open Letter Re Abp. Viganò, Pope Francis, & Mary (posted at Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 2-22-20)
342. Dialogue w Timothy Flanders #2: State of Emergency? (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 2-25-20)
343. Dr. Fastiggi Defends Pope Francis Re “Pachamama Idolatry” (edited by Dave Armstrong, hosted at Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 3-3-20)
345. Alexander Tschugguel, Taylor Marshall, & God’s Wrath (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 3-19-20)
346Pope Francis: 7 C-Sections is “Irresponsible” (Group Discussion) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 1-23-15)
347Abp. Viganò, the Pope, & the “Vicar of Christ” Nothingburger (with Catholic Theologian Dr. Robert Fastiggi and Apologist Karl Keating) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 4-6-20)
348Abp. Viganò Whopper #289: Pope Forbids All Evangelism (?) (Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism, 4-8-20)
349. Pope Francis, the Corona Virus, and Nature (Jimmy Akin, JimmyAkin.com, 4-8-20)
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