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Laura's Story…will be slightly delayed

by LauraDear Readers of NLQ,You may have noticed that it has been a while since I posted an installment of my chronological story. I was doing some “research” in order to get more writing done this morning. I dug out my old journal kept during the time of my clinical depression and subsequent treatment. When I read it, I was so enraged at the pain and abuse inflicted on me, I was too angry to write coherently.I stomped around the house swearing for a while.I was so dependent on my ex for every thing - emotionally, physically spiritually. I was angry at the hell he put me through so he could follow “God”. I was angry at myself for not being what I thought he wanted me to be but mostl … [Read more...]

Vyckie's Tour de Crap: Homeschool? Oh, I Could Never Do That!

This photo of my lovely children was taken on Mother's Day ~ 2005. Here's another article that I wrote back when I was "quivering." (‹(ô¿ô)›) The reason I wanted to share it here is simply to make the point that, for me (and I believe MANY quiverfullers), it was a "package deal." We started out homeschooling (and I'm not saying that ALL homeschoolers go down this exact same path ~ but we certainly weren't the only ones) ~ and everything else flowed from there.I remember that after years and years of getting deeper and deeper, I began to sort of dread opening a new issue of Home School Digest, "The Quarterly Journal for Serious Home Schoolers ." (This was my favorite magazine ~ I often repri … [Read more...]